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inducton query for when overdue

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PrincessScrumpy Sun 28-Aug-11 22:42:49

My friend's baby was due on 18 Aug and she was going to be induced on Tuesday but it was moved to Friday. Then it didn't work and she needs "more assistance with going into labour" and so they've moved it to next Friday. I don't know the full details and really don't want to pester her for them, but I thought 10 days was the max they would let you go over as there is a risk of the placenta failing and still birth.

Basically, am I completely wrong on this? Sorry, I don't know as dd1 was 2 days early and I'm having cs with this pg at 37w, but I'm sure it's what a mw told me when pg 3.5 years ago with dd1.

maxpower Sun 28-Aug-11 22:45:24

the decision about induction rests entirely with mum. AFAIK unless there are specific reasons, the hospital will normally happily wait until 14 days overdue before inducing

mosschops30 Sun 28-Aug-11 22:49:59

I think the earliest they induce at our hospital is 12 days over.
They induced me at 40+15 with ds1
You can go further than the two weeks with monitoring of the placenta

Tangle Sun 28-Aug-11 22:57:33

10 days is a date at which the policy of many PCT's is to offer induction. Depending on the HCP you see and/or the circumstances of the individual woman this offer may be presented as "we won't let you go beyond 41+3" or "how are you coping with the pregnancy now, as we could offer you an induction if you're getting fed up". As a mentally competent adult the mother has the final say - although many women are left feeling as though they have no choice.

There is also the issue of how busy the unit is - if they're swamped with women in labour and emergencies then an induction scheduled for no reason other than length of gestation is likely to slide for a few days as a safer option for everyone involved.

There is a risk of the placenta failing, leading to stillbirth, at any point in the pregnancy - and although that risk is generally considered to increase with gestation, there is very little research to support any particular definitive duration of pregnancy at which the risks of stillbirth outweigh the risks of induction.

What would worry me most about your friend's situation is not that her induction is being pushed back as such, but more that they seem to have started the induction process but have now stopped and delayed for 10 days. The end of pregnancy is such an emotional time for many women that it doesn't seem right to me that having started to process they won't see it through. I hope your friend is being well supported by her MWs and that when her labour does get started things go as smoothly as possible.

rooks14 Sun 28-Aug-11 23:02:58

I was induced at 40 + 14 so 42 weeks. That was St Mary's in Manchester and they said they allow monitoring until 40+21 so three weeks over, but that requires scans to test amniotic fluid levels are safe etc.

I didn't end up giving birth until I was a few days over two weeks because a pessary takes 24 hours which didn't work, followed by three lots of gel 6 hours apart, (delayed once as the delivery suite was too busy to allow me to go into labour!!! and again because it was too late at night!!!) then finally a drip that opens your cervix enough to break your waters

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