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33 weeks and feeling worried and depressed/antidepressants

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Allboxedin Sun 28-Aug-11 18:24:59

I'm 33 weeks and have posted in another chat about my situation so don't want to go through it again but I was wondering if I should maybe see my Dr to increase my dose of Fluroxetine.
I am on 20mg as I was with dd and that all went fine. I'm not sure if this is a temporary thing but I feel really alone in all this, I think I just feel really unsupported. I will going into labour on my own as DH wants to look after dd which I think is playing on my mind a bit although I keep telling myself loads of other people do it. I'm more worried about how I am going to cope afterwards too.

Has anyone else increased a dose of AD's in pregnancy or is it not a good idea?

RobintheRobin Sun 28-Aug-11 19:21:38

Sorry this is a bit long, but hope it might help:
I came off Fluoxetine when I found out I was pregnant, just as I wasn't sure whether the slight risks with taking it outweighed the benefits I would get. After a couple of months, which turned-out to be how long it takes for the withdrawl period, I got very very down. I tried to get another anti-depressant from the GP (something with more trial studies behind it so know it's pretty safe), but turns out GPs mostly won't prescribe more than the lowest dose of any anti-depressant for pregnant women he said it would be unlikely to really to do much. You might find this is the case if you do try to up your dose, although it might be that your current dose is just too low to be effective.

I'd recommend asking your Midwife about getting referred to see someone you can talk this stuff through with. I saw a Peri-natal/Ante-natal CPN, and she was very nice and very knowledgeable - the referral took a while so be persistent! I was hoping just to go back onto Fluoxetine when I give birth, but apparently you pretty much can't take Prozac at all if breastfeeding because it comes out in high concentration in the milk, so they always switch you. But she told me a lot about other alternatives and the chance to talk this stuff through and know there are options has helped a lot. Try and get a referral (asap!) if this sounds like it might be helpful for you.

Can I just add, as purely my own opinion, I don't think it's fair or acceptable that you will have to give birth on your own, and I think your DH needs to be there for you, let someone else look after dd. Giving birth is a major major thing, no way you should have to do this on your own!! No wonder you are feeling anxious.

I hope that you manage to stay strong and good luck with your little one!

Allboxedin Sun 28-Aug-11 19:40:10

Thanks robin, thats great info. I havent talked anything through with the midwife about the birth yet but have another appointment in 2 weeks or so.
I didn't know about the breast feeding bit either. ty

bigeyes Sun 28-Aug-11 19:53:28

Hello allbox I have never took AD's so sorry I cant help on doses etc. When I had PND and bouts since, I found counselling very helpful, it can help and they do work, sometimes you have to work at it, I used to feel exhausted afterwards, much of the help comes when you reflect on the session ans things fall into place. So as robin says get that referral, see GP and MW see which one comes first. My practice had a fantastic mental health nurse who I saw a couple of times,

I have been referred to a specialist MW via consultant (waiting for appointment) re my anxiety about birth, (im only 15wks) and I know if I get help now it will stop me sprialling. I have used all sorts of self help strategies in the past and feel a bit wiser and ready for this time round.

HTH chuck anything you can at it, its like an unwanted house guest.

Allboxedin Sun 28-Aug-11 20:06:15

ty bigeyes, did you have to pay for the councelling, I am really considering it not just for the pregnancy but for other things and wondered how much it would cost etc.
I hope your midwife helps you through what you are dealing with and you feel better about it soon x

bigeyes Sun 28-Aug-11 20:43:00

No i was referreed through work for sessions I had when PND.

GP's mental health nurse no.
GP referral to counselling was offered was free or another one for a few pounf per session as it was subsidised.

If by any chane you live in Sutton Coldfield there is a charitable organisation call acacia who specifically support AND and PND inlcuding family members.

Why not try looking for something similar that will get out you out and able to meet people in similar boat. I always remind myself my brain is ill and it will get better. I also read about CBT this helped me a lot. HTH

Thanks for you well wishes.

cravingcake Mon 29-Aug-11 14:56:02

I was on fluexotine for depression & decided to come off once ttc. I wasnt fully ready to be off it so looked at alternative options & did hypnosis privately. I had been on AD's on & off for 7 years so was bit sceptical but it only took 3 sessions & i couldnt beleive i hadnt done it sooner as the weight was lifted instantly. Altho i did it privately it was £60 each session & honestly the best money i have ever spent. I would suggest it as a realistic option to try. Good luck.

pregnantmimi Mon 29-Aug-11 15:10:23

Hi I have had manic depression 14 years and been on and off meds.

I came off them a few weeks before getting pregnant and have been thou the withdrawel it was bad and I do feel but Im trying put up with it.

I agree with cravingcake on taking the alternative route I havent tryed hypnosis as its unsuitable for me but I have been having massages etc to cheer me up I know its hard.

With the coping afterwards I have been told I have a 70 percent chance of relapse the week after birth (this is the same if your on meds or not) so been recomended I stay in a mother and baby unit for a week this is when I may be put back on meds hopefully not cause want to breastfeed hope I will be ok.

With feeling unsupported Im surprised your gp hasnt sent you for appointments with a mental health midwife or psychatrist during pregnancy.

My friend took anti depressents double your dose thoughout pregnancy and she is now on 60 and has just stopped breastfeeding but 40 was ok with her meds (citalapram) to breastfeed (dont quote me on this as it may be different advice in some areas) so some doctors must prescribe a higher dose.

pregnantmimi Mon 29-Aug-11 15:12:34

excuse the typo errors!

Allboxedin Mon 29-Aug-11 16:58:24

Thanks both, I havent tried any other methods but am definately looking into the councelling.
TBH pregnant, although the Dr knows I am on anti d's I had said I was coping fine last time. I am being consultant led at the hospital (not because of Depression but because of previous clotting after dd) I wasn't offered anything either with dd but I seemed ok back then and I didn't get any post natal depression with her. I think my circustances have changed a bit since. Also having difficulty with marriage etc which is adding to it I think.

pregnantmimi Tue 30-Aug-11 19:31:33

You got do whats right for you and theres quite alot of research saying its ok to have them plus I know with citalopram it can be doubled hope you feeling happier soon but whatever happens you should be getting more support from doctors etc so I hope you push for thatxx

Allboxedin Tue 30-Aug-11 19:44:34

Thanks pregnant x Good luck with yours, when are you due?

pregnantmimi Tue 30-Aug-11 23:11:14

22nd december so long way to go but the time seems to fly xx

Allboxedin Wed 31-Aug-11 09:16:06

Its not too far, this time is going too quickly for me....only about 6 weeks left eeek!

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