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Nearly there... overdue but holding on!

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pookamoo Sun 28-Aug-11 17:32:23

Hello all. I am 40 weeks plus 2 days so far, and hoping in fact that baby doesn't arrive until Thursday!

I know it will come whenever it's ready, and at the end of the day, I just want it to get here safely.

I just think an end of August baby means it will start school a couple of days after it's 4th birthday sad. I know plenty of people who have been fine doing this, but it would have almost a year less time at home than DD whose birthday is later in the year and therefore earlier in the school year.

and also I will have to go back to work sooner grin

KateBC Sun 28-Aug-11 20:17:23

I know what you mean, I'm not due till 17th of September, but DS1 was early an the midwife thinks this one will be too, so I'm really hoping to make it till Thursday, been having loads of BH contractions and haw lost plug though, but could still mean it's weeks away.

Hope you make it till Thursday!

nannyl Sun 28-Aug-11 23:26:56

Im due on the 11th september (so 38 weeks today) but still hoping baby stays put for at least 72 more hours for the same reason smile

MrsRhettButler Sun 28-Aug-11 23:29:59

What date does it actually rollover to the next school year? I've heard differing opinions, most people say the 3rd or 4th of sep?

I'm due on the 3rd and I would rather have an oldy rather than a littly starting school.

ChippingIn Sun 28-Aug-11 23:32:15

OK - will keep my fingers crossed for you - although it's probably more use for you to keep your legs crossed than your fingers grin

I'd never worry about them being the youngest in the year, but I think it's lovely to have them at home for an extra year!!

lolajane2009 Sun 28-Aug-11 23:36:28

Yep, due 16th and closing my leg till the 1stm especially as father in laws birthday is on the 31st.

MrsRhettButler Sun 28-Aug-11 23:36:39

Oh ok, I see it's actually the 1st, have no idea why so many people have told me otherwise! confused

ChippingIn Sun 28-Aug-11 23:37:38

The NZ system is so much better. They all start on the day of their 5th birthday (or the day after if you prefer), then they move up to J1/P1 when they are ready then the year up from that at the start of the next year if they are ready or the following one if they aren't, by which time they'll all pretty much at the same level. It sounds complicated but it isn't.

It's also good for the teachers as they only have one or two new children at a time - not 30 at once!

alisonsmum Mon 29-Aug-11 01:37:00

Im overdue too..was due sat 27th but too am holding on until thursday

MsChanandlerBong Mon 29-Aug-11 08:10:14

I'm in the same boat too!! Not due until the 15th, but following a presentation scan last Thursday (where they estimated baby weighs 7lb8oz currently!) I have been told it could be any day!!

Not only do I want a September baby (the school issue, plus September is my favourite month!) I also have a hair appointment booked for Thursday and I was really hoping to get my roots done before I become housebound for a bit grin So I'm crossing my legs until Friday!

PrincessScrumpy Mon 29-Aug-11 09:48:01

I'm expecting twins - due date is 22nd Sept but they won't let me get that fat so CS is booked for Friday 2 Sept. Really hoping they don't make a surprise appearance before then although dd1 is 3.5 and not far off being ready for school. I do worry that these two will be bored at home with me from 4-5years old.

MummyGemx Mon 29-Aug-11 12:18:41

I must be the only one hoping baby might arrive before September. My son was a summer birth and was more than ready to go to school at 4. My second son is an October birth and I know he will be very over due for school by the time he goes. It is so individual to the child but I will assume that baby number 3 will be the same and although at the end of the day she will arrive when she arrives,I am willing her to make an arrival asap. I doubt this willhappen though as I was late last two times and I am only due tomorrow! So pretty sure baby will be a September baby!

Good Luck everyone with your new little ones. X

danio7 Mon 29-Aug-11 13:42:54

omg me too.. I was due on four days ago but keeping it in until thursday!!
I am even denying a sweep that I have been offered tommorow- I would hate to think 'what if?'

my sister was an august baby and HATED it! eeek 3 days left ladies!!

MsChanandlerBong Mon 29-Aug-11 14:40:54

I have even found myself cursing because August has 31 days... Damn you August, why can't you only be 30 days long?!!!

pookamoo Mon 29-Aug-11 22:00:36

Yes the same thing about August being 31 days!

2 more days to go, ladies! Anyone got any "keeping the baby in" tricks, I've only heard the ones to get them out.

I have been trying to come up with really important jobs that must be done before baby arrives.... and then not doing them! grin

nannyl Mon 29-Aug-11 22:20:04

avoiding curry / pineapple / long walks etc etc

lolajane2009 Mon 29-Aug-11 23:06:47

My legs and closed and staying closed... car park barrier is up.

ChippingIn Tue 30-Aug-11 00:48:03

Stay still - no walking, cycling or anything else wink
Eat bland food
Book expensive theatre tickets for early September

... and yes, keep your legs firmly crossed!!

Not too long now!!

pookamoo Tue 30-Aug-11 15:44:19

lol at cycling!
I overheard a conversation between DD (2.10) and DH as they were getting ready to go out on DH's bike at the weekend:

DD: Mummy hasn't been on her bike for a long time.
DH: Well that's because of the new baby in her tummy.
DD: After the baby comes out, then mummy can go out on her bike.
DH: Well, maybe not the very same day! grin

Still hanging on in there!

lolajane2009 Tue 30-Aug-11 15:47:17

no monkey bars or adventure play equipment either.

nannyl Wed 31-Aug-11 08:22:46

not long to hold on now smile

hope everyone is holding on who wants too....

MsChanandlerBong Wed 31-Aug-11 08:32:57

grin I figure that even if I go into labour today, it'll probably be after midnight that I give birth!!

Although this would mean I would miss my hairdressers appointment tomorrow hmm I am trying hard to parent my dc within the womb and ask her to hold on another couple of days!

nannyl Wed 31-Aug-11 08:34:37


as i have had no show yet, and my waters are intact etc its unlikely, but i was born start to finish in < 8 hours, and my grandmothers 1st labour was only 2 hours so still a few more hours until i am well and truley safe!

pookamoo Wed 31-Aug-11 10:10:56

I have had words with baby and said it's ok to start after 9pm tonight!

Kezzamo Wed 31-Aug-11 13:07:08

Hi, my baby was due on fri 26th aug. 5 days over due today!! It is definiately 1st September that the date changes for school. I know this cause its my birthday!
I really hoping that baby arrives on Friday as shelfishly I dont want him to arrive on my birthday! It seems mean but I see myself not ever having a birthday if he is born tomorrow.
......but I have sweeps and inductions booked for fri sun and mon next week if he doesnt show up so a very small window for arrival!

Is anyone else being driven crazy by the calls texts and FB messages? arrrgghhh just want to get it over with and meet my baby

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