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Maternity clothes - what you wearing?

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sunchild77 Sun 28-Aug-11 14:35:41

I really wanted to post this in Style, but thought I might have more luck here. I need help!!

I am having the biggest most annoying faff on with clothes.
Am a 14-16 size normally, but have a large bump already. I'm going to need a winter wardrobe as baby not due till christmas. Maternity jeans (over the bump type) are a nightmare, they keep falling down off my bum, I seriously need braces as I have to hoick them up all the time.
I don't need work clothes, so thats ok, but I need some comfy staples and a decent maternity fitting autumn/winter coat, as live in a wet place and do lots of walking every day. Everything I see in Next etc have short sleeves, and I think I'm going to freeze..
I hate maternity clothes......

justabigdisco Sun 28-Aug-11 15:57:15

the new jojomamanbebe catalogue has some nice looking winter stuff in.

Biscuitsandtea Sun 28-Aug-11 15:58:44

No helpful suggestions I'm afraid but am fast approaching maternity clothes (although not even 10 weeks yet confused) and will need the same sort of stuff. I had also thought about everything having short sleeves and needing a coat etc. Am hoping shops bring out some winter stuff sharpish!

Jeans wise I had over the bump ones last time and at the start was constantly pulling them up. I suspect when I drag them down from the loft they'll be even worse this time as they were eventually stretched to accommodate my 8+ mth bump! However I have just bought some from next (which I'm collecting tomorrow) which just have a stretchy panel inserted near the pocket. I'm hoping they might do the job early on.

I know last time I wanted over the bump so I didn't have to keep buying new every few months but would have been worth it on reflection. Plus after the birth I could have done with some smaller (but not as small as my pre pg) jeans.

Fingers crossed someone will be along with some good suggestions soon smile

ImBrian Sun 28-Aug-11 16:23:23

Ive got jeans from next which are under the bump and have panels in the side and an adjustable waist. Find them comfy and they look nice too. Apart from that I'm currently living in leggings and a load of £7.99 tops/tunics from h&m that I bought in the next size up. I'm 28 weeks and hoping I don't need to get any thing else.

Iggly Sun 28-Aug-11 16:37:29

Actually i got really hot when 6 months plus now do short sleeves were much better. Am 6 months now and will do the same.

Ive given up on jeans and wear leggings with dresses or long tops instead - much more comfy. Leggings from next or asos. I've got a few jersey dresses - next, Isabella Oliver and seraphine.

Coats - I'm not bothering with a maternity one as I think I'll get hot so will have my usual coats with scarfs down the front.

anniroc Sun 28-Aug-11 16:37:51

Under-the-bump maternity jeans from Gap are the best maternity jeans I've found. They also do other excellent maternity trousers as well. I also live in H&M pregnancy leggings.

jammyscone Sun 28-Aug-11 16:40:37

I've got a few over and under bump jeans but find both tend to start falling down annoyingly frequently. I've ended up mostly just wearing loose dresses (with a jumper over or cotton top under if cold) with extra large tights which go over the bump and stay up!

jammyscone Sun 28-Aug-11 16:42:13

(oh, because I'm quite short on money I got my dresses either in supermarket sales or charity shops. Have had lots of compliments on a black dress I got from Sainsburys for about six quid!)

Biscuitsandtea Sun 28-Aug-11 16:58:49

Mmmm, I'm a bit annoyed about the coat thing - assuming nothing goes wrong (touch wood etc) I'll be pg right through the winter so think I'll need something toasty (especially if this winter is as cold as last year - brrr!). I think if I get past my 12 week scan ok (2 weeks and 5 days to go, not that I'm counting or anything...) I'll have to start scouring eBay for a bargain!

heatherwil Sun 28-Aug-11 17:32:24

I'm 18 weeks so not yet big enough for my New Look over the bump jeans. But I'm wearing them with the stretchy panel folded over, which helps them to stay up.

GwendolineMaryLacey Sun 28-Aug-11 17:48:41

I'm always too hot for coats so not going to bother with that. I'm living in grey stretchy trousers, well, more like yoga pants from Mothercare. Have one pair of maternity jeans but they fell down round my ankles after an hour of wearing them.

Folicacid Sun 28-Aug-11 17:53:13

I'm wearing what Im Brian wears. £7.99 tops from h and m basic range, leggings and under the bump jeans from next. I have new look over the bump jeans too but I think they are a bit frumpy.

wompoopigeon Sun 28-Aug-11 18:07:56

I wear a bump band over the top of pesky maternity trousers which fall down. If you fold it double it does a good job of holding the trousers up. No braces required!
I got mine from jojo maman bebe in a size small even though I am usually a size 14/6. Comes in black or white and works a treat. Also means I can still wear many of my pre-pg tops.
But if I can, I much prefer over the bump leggings. So much comfier. Isabella Oliver do a good pair.

grottielottie Sun 28-Aug-11 18:11:42

I have so far found a cape (bellow the bum lenth) to be really good as a coat. I bought one last winter when I wasn't pregnant and it still fits and skims wonderfully over my 32 week bump with lots of room for layers underneath and looks smart.

Asos have a few that might fit the bill.

Jennyrosity Sun 28-Aug-11 20:01:10

I was in Topshop maternity on Saturday and they had a cosy looking duffle coat which I rather liked. I'm another one currently living in dresses/long tops over leggings, planning on just adding extra layers as it gets colder. I can recommend Uniqulo's heat-tech leggings for winter - they're not maternity ones, but they seem to fit me comfortably under the bump. Plus they do stretchy tops and vests in the same range that are good for layering.

lolajane2009 Sun 28-Aug-11 20:11:51

I'm a dress and legging girl too. 37 weeks and still wearing pre preg non maternity size 14s.

Davinaaddict Sun 28-Aug-11 21:12:38

I second wompoopigeons comments - bump bands are the way forward! I'm 12 weeks pg with DC2 and have popped much earlier this time, so had to dig out the maternity clothes already. Found that the size 12 under bump jeans fit much better than my size 14's, but they are a bit too high on the bump this time so they dig in a bit - will have to get some more over the bump ones I think.

Also agree with the 'hot'comments others have made - DS1 was born in January and I spent most of the winter in jeans and a vest/tshirt.

Hope you manage to find something comfy to wear!!

Sandra2011 Mon 29-Aug-11 10:19:32

Maternity dungarees are extra comfy.

I know some people think they're only for babies but they haven't obviously tried them on.

LikeACandleButNotQuite Mon 29-Aug-11 10:37:17

Ive got a pair of over the bump dress trousers for work and two mat shirts from New Look. Still able to wear my jacket, just dont shut it. Cant bear to buy maternity suit jacket.

At home, I got given a big bag of clothes from a friend who has just finished with her mat wear, and constantly have on a pair of under the bump jeans, with panels at the sides, a handful of Mat t-shirts from New Look/H &M, and a long cardi.

I can still wear my skinny jeans as they are really low anyway, and I find Mat tops long enough not to have to worry about displaying my butt.

Am struggling to find stuff for going out in the evening though sad 24 weeks now, so this could all change

AlpinePony Mon 29-Aug-11 10:59:08

Under the bump seem to work for those of us with an arse on us! wink

Yes, maternity wear this time of the year is bloody infuriating - autumn ranges don't seem to be "quite" out but it's too effing cold to be going around in summer tops. sad

I'm only 15 weeks so still able to "just" get in to my normal clothes and wear last year's winter wear. But seriously? August and my hands are blue? Blame the weather - not crappy maternity wear.

GwendolineMaryLacey Mon 29-Aug-11 11:00:59

Yeah see I have much tummy even when not pg but no arse to speak of.

However, today I am modelling a maternity skirt from Dorothy P which is surprisingly comfortable and not falling down!

handbagCrab Mon 29-Aug-11 12:01:17

I was the same size as you! Got most of my stuff from asos. They do regular sales which I took advantage of! Got a winter coat for £25 smile I've also been wearing gypsy skirts, maxi dresses and leggings from primark in bigger sizes whilst not at work which are doing me fine so far. I'm 29 weeks & pretty big.

Jill72 Mon 29-Aug-11 12:14:01

My Yorkshire blood is telling through and I have stubbornly refused to buy Maternity wear. I am using the elastic band trick on all my comfy linen trousers and have bought a job lot of long vest tops from asda and a few pretty cotton shirts to wear over the top of these. 33 weeks now and have given in to some chavy looking jogging bottoms to be worn ONLY I the privacy of my house!! I am a teacher and back at school for two weeks - no way am I spending money on anything special now - they can lump it or like it as I will be wearing the above mentioned 'uniform' !!

Cherrypi Mon 29-Aug-11 18:54:29

After pulling up my next maternity jeans for a month, today I discovered the adjustable button on the inside. I'm such a numpty. They fit much better now. Have splashed out on some ASOS sale maternity tops as the long vest tops I thought would last me through have started revealing way too much tummy for a teacher.

largeginandtonic Mon 29-Aug-11 19:40:00

Jersey dresses are the way to go. They can be worn over leggings/jeans or with thick tights for winter, flip flops if still warm. I have an excellent one from New Look. Their range is pretty good and very affordable especially if you go in store and look at the sale rails.

A good pair of mat jeans is a worthy investment, Seraphine is great.

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