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Any ideas on this bleeding

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snortwithmirth Sun 28-Aug-11 13:39:11


I'm 15wks tomorrow and since 5 wks have had brown bleeding. I had a couple of early scans and everything was ok.
Then a week ago I had a bright red bleed in the night, ( a significant amount too) so thought it was all over, but a scan on Monday showed the baby to be fine and they couldn't see a cause for the bleeding.
The sonographer was reassuring in that she told me I'd be fine, and I must have heard " brown blood is old blood" a hundred times.
One thing I'm worrying about is that the bleeding is coming from the placenta, at my 12 wk scan they said the placenta is posteria, so that makes me think they couldn't see it and whether it was bleeding and what implications that could have.
Since last week I've had brown bleeding again, quite dark and lots of it.
I'd just love any insight or advice on what I can do to help it stop.
many thanks!

snortwithmirth Sun 28-Aug-11 13:59:08

Forgot to say, I've been having mild cramping front and back recently too.

banana87 Sun 28-Aug-11 15:41:08

I had a bleed at 17 weeks which was Aldo brown. Had numerous scans and one saw the blood coming from a small pocket in the placenta. The sonographer said this would not affect the pregnancy because it was traveling around the uterus and coming out, hence the brown. About a week later I had some red, a few clots, and it all disappeared after that! Continue to call and get monitored as things change but it's likely to settle on it's own eventually smile

snortwithmirth Sun 28-Aug-11 20:19:31

That's reassuring, thanks for thatsmile

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