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First babies

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Daiso Sun 28-Aug-11 10:29:11

I know everyone is different but for your first baby, was he/she early/late/on time?

I've had soooo many people say to me "ooh, first baby will def be late" but my close friends who have had babies one was 17 days early, one was 2 days early, one was 7 days early and another 2 days early.

Just curiousity really and i know that baby will come when baby is ready!

PamBeesly Sun 28-Aug-11 11:13:48

Hi Daiso

I was a first baby and I was three weeks early, my little brother was two weeks early. I am now pregnant with my first and wonder if its genetic! I do hear a lot of people say first babies go over but it depends on the person. Good luck

kiki22 Sun 28-Aug-11 11:49:44

I've been asking this too! me and DP are both first babies and came 2 n 3 weeks early, my family all seem to have early babies or just on time but i know 2 girls from work who were 2 weeks late each...

i think it's just another old wives tale and they will come when they come

JenniferYellowHatsRedLingerie Sun 28-Aug-11 11:52:52

I'm sat here at 40+11 with my first.
I was 9 days late.
My SIL had her first two weeks early.
Other friends: 15 days late, 5 days late, 2 days late, 10 days late.
Babies come when they're good and ready. As I'm finding to my cost! smile

CBear6 Sun 28-Aug-11 13:28:04

My first arrived exactly on his due date. Currently 38w with No2 and hoping I follow that same timescale!

ThePieSmuggler Sun 28-Aug-11 13:32:52

I arrived on time and my 10 week old dd arrived 1 day late, although I went into labour on my due date so does that technically mean she was on time? smile

naturalbaby Sun 28-Aug-11 13:35:39

ds1 arrived the night before his due date (in 6hrs at home in a lovely birth pool grin )

MeconiumHappens Sun 28-Aug-11 19:35:58

First babies are usually later than subsequent babies, but you never know.

BooBooGlass Sun 28-Aug-11 19:38:30

Both of mine have been 13 days late, but both were also posterior and not putting any pressure on the cervix iyswim. I think that was definately a factor.

Badgerwife Sun 28-Aug-11 19:43:11

My DD was born the day after her due date, and I know of three people who had their babies on their due date or before. The "late" thing is an average not a rule.

KateBC Sun 28-Aug-11 20:14:48

I think statistically first babies are born slightly later, but obviously not always the case. Before I had DS all of my friends had late babies, so I was expecting to be overdue with mine, but he arrived 10 days early so proved me wrong! DH predicted an early baby, so he was very smug afterwards, and now thinks he is some kind of baby whisperer (foetus whisperer?), and is predicting that this one is going to come this week and be a girl, despite my due date being three weeks away, and the ultrasound technician telling us it's a boy hmm

TransatlanticCityGirl Sun 28-Aug-11 23:21:41

My first was 16 days late. I was induced at 40+13, and she was delivered by EMCS 3 days later.

My sister's first was 10 days late, as was her 2nd (induced)

My stepmom's first was 2 weeks late, as were her subsequent 2 children (last was induced)

My mother's first (me!) was 15 days late (induced), and her second was 2 weeks late.

My father was a 10 month baby (he was 4th child)

My auntie's first was two weeks late.

Anyone see a pattern in this family??? ;)

lollystix Sun 28-Aug-11 23:34:53

My first was late but SIL had first at 38 weeks and 2nd at 42 weeks and friend also had 1st at 37 weeks and second at 41. Don't know if relevant but both the firsts were girls and the seconds were boys

Offspring Mon 29-Aug-11 03:55:06

My first was bang on due date. Only currently 33 weeks with second but hoping I don't go over.

My sister was 38 weeks with her first and 40+6 with her second.

SIL had her first 5 days early.

Tigresswoods Mon 29-Aug-11 14:24:25

"ooh you're having a boy?... Your first?... He'll be late..."

Nope, 2 days early. People do talk some buttocks. grin

nunnie Mon 29-Aug-11 15:45:36

My 1st was 6 days early.

MrBloomsNursery Mon 29-Aug-11 15:48:49

My sister's first was 2 weeks late, second was 1 week late and her last was born on his due date.

theborrower Mon 29-Aug-11 20:36:53

Went into labour bang on time. When I was pregnant, people kept saying to me "first babies are always late" but I never bought it - I knew several people whose first babies were early (and at that point, only two people who were late)! I don't think there's any truth in it, to be honest.

Daiso Mon 29-Aug-11 21:17:35

Thanks all. So the general gist is that 1st, 2nd or so forth - babies come early, late or on time!
FWIW - I was born on my due date!

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