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getting pregnant for a second time with endemetriosis

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nearlymumofone Sat 27-Aug-11 14:40:40

2 years ago with all the symptoms of endemetriosis I was booked in for a larposcopy to remove a large cyst and endemetriosis. I was told that conceiving was unlikely until this had been done. The next month after trying for 6 months I fell pregnant before the larposcopy. An almighty great surprise. I gave birth to DS last summer. I'm now considering TTC dc2, but wondering how difficult it is to conceive with endemetriosis after having had one child?

Not sure if I'm making sense but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

PrincessScrumpy Sat 27-Aug-11 14:51:41

My endemetrosis improved after having dd1, second time ttc I got pg the first month of trying and it's ID twins. My advice would be to relax and enjoy ttc, and see how it goes and if nothing happens then pay your gp a visit. Good luck x

nearlymumofone Sat 27-Aug-11 15:12:32

Wow. That's a lovely response. Thank you. I really want to relax, and hope I can. Thank you x

nunnie Sat 27-Aug-11 15:56:28

I tried for over 4 years to get number one after having treatment for endometreosis. Took me over 2 and half to get pregnant with number 2. Am currently pregnant with number 3 anf fell pregnant when DS was 11 weeks old blush

Will never know what caused the delay in getting pregnant with number 1 or 2, could have been the tretment i had or could just have been my natural pattern of conception.

Have you had your endometreosis treated since the birth of your 1st? or have your symptoms gone now? They do say that not having a period can help.

My treatment was laser and tablets which stopped my periods for 3 months after.

PotterWatch Sat 27-Aug-11 20:03:42

We tried for 3 years for me to get pregnant with DS. In that time I was diagnosed with endo and had the laparoscopy to laser away what was there. We were also told that it was unlikely we would ever conceive naturally (DH had problems as well) and IVF was our only hope. 3 weeks before we were due to start IVF, I had a BFP!!

When it came to ttc number 2, I talked it over with my doctor and she said as it had taken such a long time to conceive DS, she said it was likely I would take a long time again and we should start trying early than we planned to. I got pregnant after the first try!!

She did say that pregnancy is the best 'cure' for endo.

Good luck!

nearlymumofone Mon 29-Aug-11 17:23:21

Thanks for the supportive advice. My endo symptoms haven't returned (was bf for 6 months so periods have only returned recently) so will just crack on, keep my fingers crossed and see how it goes! I haven't had treatment for it as the symptoms haven't returned (yet).

needsanswers Tue 30-Aug-11 23:11:24

hi there, i was told i had endo at 16 and wouldnt be able to have kids, i had a larposcopy at 17 and was pregnant 2months later (wasnt on any birth control due to being told i couldnt have kids) i had a miscarrige it was all such a shock, dp and i were really excited about the pregnancy (after getting over the initial shock) so was very sad when i lost MC. a year later after missing the pill 1 day i was preg again, had to have an emergency d&c at 10 weeks due to delayed bleeding, baby was size of 6week.. a year after that after trying for 1month i got preg with my beautiful dd who is 3.. i had another larposcopy last year ( i have to have them every 3years) DP and i decided to try for our 2nd baby thinking it would happen quite quick like previous times, it took about 7months from memory.. i really think it varies from women to women and from my history i realise doctors do not no everything its all up to your body! i wish you all the very best

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