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Braxton Hicks at 14 weeks?

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Crazybit Sat 27-Aug-11 13:30:20

With third baby. Is this normal? Bit uncomfortable but don't really want to ring mw if nothing to worry about.

corkythecat Sat 27-Aug-11 15:02:59

I had the same thing turnes out nothing to be worried about, happened more when I hadn't had enough to drink. Apparently its quite common but most people dont notice.

grubbalo Sat 27-Aug-11 15:52:08

Yep, I got them that early with this pregnancy too. Apparently you get them earlier with each pregnancy and I've also noticed they're a lot more painful this time (although I'm nearly 33 weeks now).

Crazybit Sat 27-Aug-11 16:21:43

Thanks for the replies. I did call and Mw said take paracetamol and ring gp if I start bleeding. It's very strange that it has carried on, trying to relax but not letting up. I really hope it doesnt happen all the way through, tis pretty tiring!

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