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What do you think? And what would u do?

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xkatyx Sat 27-Aug-11 12:00:40

Hi everyone,

I am pregnant with twins this is my 4th pregnancy and will be baby number 4 and 5 (eeeek)

I am 20 weeks, I suffer from SPD which is awful.

Yesterday early morning I was woken by a horrible pain all down right side of bump, it was really bad!!

I was awake most of the night with it. Wen I tried to get up I nearly screamed with pain, couldn't walk move anything, I had to call my husban home from work!!!

I called midwife for advice and was told to go up which I did needed a wheel chair because I couldn't walk.

They done there usual checks urine, blood pressure etc first urine test had a very slight trace of blood second was all clear!

They also checked my cervix and it was closed thankfully.

I also started to get a lot of braxton hixs, whether or not cause my worry not to sure.

Hospital sent me home told me to take paracetamal and rest.

When I got home I got straight in bed and fell asleep. I woke up feeling awful I couldn't stop shivering and I was
Burning up.

My husband called midwives again and they said of still the same come back.

Through the night I had same so took paracetamal, this morning shivers have gone but pain is still there.

I have never had it bepfre in any of pregnancys

Any one know or heard of this before


PamBeesly Sat 27-Aug-11 14:13:37

Hi xkatyx
Congratulations on your twins. I'm no expert at all (this is my first pregnancy) so please take this with a grain of salt, I can't comment on the bump pains but the shivering and burning up sounds like it could be influenza/fever and the paracetamol is the best to bring your temperature down. Also if you could drink hot water with lots of lemon in it for the Vit C boost and to warm you up. SPD must be awful so you should, if you can, rest as much as possible.
I had to go to the hospital last week because i had some bleeding (only 14 weeks) and they found traces of blood in my unrine too, the doctor recommended lying down on my left hand side and resting as much as possible.
Hopefully someone else will be along about the pain in bump
Good luck

xkatyx Sat 27-Aug-11 16:18:37

Thank you pam, I have been drinking souch cranberry juice it's giving me terrible acid, so I may move on to the water with lemon juice.

Thankfully the shivering has gone.

Even though they checked my urine I'm scared this pain is some kind of a infection which could bring on early labour.

So worrying, I hope ur bleeding has settled and you are well


PamBeesly Sat 27-Aug-11 16:26:20

Glad to hear the shivering has gone, I didn't even think about acid sad
Hopefully you are over the worst, I think the urine would have detected any infection but if you are still worried call the MW or go to the GP, its better if your mind is at rest.
The bleeding has stopped now thankfully, the doctor said it was my placenta on the move and it was close to a blood vessel. I really did rest this week and feel much better for it (but I'm lucky that this is my first baby and I don't have other DC's to look after)

xkatyx Sat 27-Aug-11 21:20:01

That's good they gave you a explanation for your bleeding there is nothing worse than when you ate left worrying.

Lots of rest for both of us I think, I have been in bed all day and so fed up.

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