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water birth after the baby is delivered

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Amylou23 Fri 26-Aug-11 16:50:50

hey guys, for my first birth i would really like a water birth...
but there is just one thing troubling me. after you have given birth what happends? you are all wet... and dirty from the water (that you have probaly bleed in and maybe even pooped in) do you take a shower? or what? sorry a silly question. or will dh look after the baby while you clean up? i just dont want to be ripped away from my dc to fast. thanks for your help smile

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Fri 26-Aug-11 17:00:26

MWs emptied and refilled bath before dd born. After dd born cuddled her in bath for ages. Was bloody but didn't really care. Then I was taken off to toilet to deliver placenta and they checked baby over cleaned her up.

I had a wee bit of bleeding so they got a nurse in to give me a bed bath before I went up to the ward. There was also a shower on the ward that I never used, and a bidet that I did.

KateBC Fri 26-Aug-11 17:54:28

Ooh good question, I really want a water birth this time but hadn't even thought about what happens after the birth.

What happens about the first feed?

nuttyone Fri 26-Aug-11 22:20:46

There was a shower over mine. Pulled the plug when i'd had enough, no placenta thoguh so ended up getting onto the bed for a little while giving first feed then getting back in for a shower!

kiki22 Sat 27-Aug-11 12:25:53

i seen one on one born every min and put me off for life! i can't even put my hands in dirty water never mind the rest of me!

MsChanandlerBong Sat 27-Aug-11 19:15:25

I'm hoping for a waterbirth too. When we had our hospital tour they showed us that each birthing room has its own ensuite shower room (I think we are pretty lucky though!) so I intend on having a shower in there before going up to the ward.

As per ItsAllGoingToBeFine's comment, I'm anticipating not being that bothered about the slightly dodgy water whilst cuddling newly born dd - I imagine my thoughts will be elsewhere smile So I'm hoping for plenty of skin to skin and hopefully the first feed whilst still in the pool.

This is my first pregnancy, so I could of course be wrong, and will leap out of the pool screaming "eugh it's gross!!" as soon as physically possible grin

morethemerrier Sat 27-Aug-11 22:41:45

I had a home water birth, and I can honestly say that I was totally unaware of any unsavoury issues floating in the water whilst enjoying skin to skin cuddles with my little girl!

To be honest from what I can see on the photos, it was not at all bad other than blood and white waxy vernix stuff, but def not the blood bath horror scene that you would expect!

You really wont be bothered as there is so much going on, not sure about what they do in hospital, but my OH had a sieve and was instructed to remove any larger 'matters' as they occured! Cant remember that it had much use though!

I went up to my own bathroon and had a shower before more cuddles in bed, Im fairly certain that you will be offered a shower in hospital, I actually was only offered baths after my first 2 hospital births which seems odd as I bled more in there so kind of defeated the object! Shower def better!

Good luck! grin

Moodykat Sat 27-Aug-11 22:49:28

I thought the water would be gross, and it kind of was, but I was so amazed at the whole experience that I didn't care at all! Had lots of lovely skin to skin until I had to push for placenta (in the pool still), that was when it got more bloody. Then I got out and was wrapped in loads of tiny towels (wish I'd taken a nice big fluffy one in!) and we did first feed on the sofa type thing, both still naked! I had something to eat and a cuppa before having a shower as I was cold and starving! Good luck with it, if it goes according to plan it is a wonderful way to give birth. Wish DS1 had been such a lovely birth as DS2.

eaglewings Sat 27-Aug-11 22:54:09

Can't remember what happened after hospital water birth as delivered placenta after getting outvof water.

After home water birth I cuddled dd until I delivered placenta then got straight onto sofa bed which had been made up as a bed with an extra towel on it

Stayed where I was till bed time 8 hours later, midwife just washed my legs with an old flannel.

Bliss to just sit and feed cuddling both my kids with the neighbours popping in to meet the baby

ThatllDoPig Sat 27-Aug-11 22:59:14

You honestly won't care about the water, and it should all be at your pace, you get out and get cleaned when it suits you, and you cuddle your baby as long as you want to. Make sure it is all written down anyway, and your partner knows what you want.
I hope you have a really positive experience with it. My first was a water birth, and with the next two I laboured in the water and got out for the pushing. I had huge babies and no stitches, and I'm convinced that the warm water softened everything up so much that my skin sort of stretched.

Thefoxsbrush Sat 27-Aug-11 23:00:13

I had a waterbirth with ds1 and ab's loved it! I didn't notice the water getting dirty/nasty things floating about at all. As soon as my son was born j cuddled him on my chest but under water (to keep him warm) for about 40 minutes. I tried to deliver placenta in water but it wasn't happening so when I got out of the pool I was given an injection to deliver the placenta on bed. Then I went it shower to clean up with DH's help while my newborn son stayed in delivery suits with newborn while she completed her paperwork. Then the 3 of us were left to enjoy tea, toast, cuddles and sleep for a few hours before being transferred to labour ward. I loved my waterbirth. It was the most positive/stress-free of all my labours.

morethemerrier Sat 27-Aug-11 23:10:29

My placenta popped out as I was climbing out of the pool! Now that was like a scene from a horror movie! Lol!

Midwife manged to catch (most of) it in kidney bowl but it took us all by surprise! blush

Would def recommend that stage out of the water if you are concerned about the water!

Lovely way to give birth,dont be put off by any stories you hear (inc my surprise placenta one!)

thisisyesterday Sat 27-Aug-11 23:13:30

when i had ds3 i gave birth, pulled him up out of the water, discovered he was a boy, offered breast (which he refused) and then just stayed snugged up in the nice warm water for a while until ambulance people arrived and wanted to cut the cord etc (was a planned homebirth but m/w and ambulance didn't get there in time)
so they did the cord, then i let them take ds3 to dry him off and get him dressed. then m/w arrived and i got out and deliered placenta. then sat down and fed ds3.

water was a bit bloody but not too bad.
they will fish out any poo or lumps of mank generally!

i would recommend it though, was a nice place to give birth

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