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Progesterone pessaries - side effects?

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Mmmmcheese Fri 26-Aug-11 08:19:12

I've just started the Opptimum trial which involves using either progesterone pessaries or a placebo (I don't know which one I have). I'm finding that I'm feeling extra tired and also that I have some soreness around the outside of the vagina. This soreness isn't listed as one of the known side effects but I was wondering if anyone else had experienced it?

I've had a vaginal swab so I know it's not thrush, and it only started the morning after I took the first pessary.

SusieQ73 Fri 26-Aug-11 09:39:26

I've been using Cyclogest progesterone pessaries for a number of weeks now but in the rectum rather than vagina. The biggest side effect I have noticed is constipation but in the last few days my rectum has started to be a little tender so might interchange with vagina and rectum.

Mmmmcheese Fri 26-Aug-11 10:00:46

Can I ask why you are using rectum? Is it as effective? Might be an option for me if this continues.

SusieQ73 Fri 26-Aug-11 10:40:26

I'm using the rectum as I am having regular cervical scans. The residue from the pessaries can interfere with the scans. I used them vaginally at the start and found it very messy. According to the literature they can be used either way.

Mmmmcheese Fri 26-Aug-11 11:14:48

Ok thanks, might have to try that then!

SusieQ73 Fri 26-Aug-11 11:24:53

Enjoy! Only another 9 weeks of them for me...

Mmmmcheese Fri 26-Aug-11 12:45:09

I've only just started - have 11 weeks to go!

Can I ask why you were prescribed them?

lovemysleep Fri 26-Aug-11 13:14:56

I used them for the first 16 weeks of my pg, as I was diagnosed with high NK cells which had caused recurrent miscarriage - it was part of a treatment programme.

Didn't notice any side effects at all - but I was pg, and on other meds, so it could have been hidden in all the usual symptoms of pg.

I started them vaginally, and they were messy! Ended up in the rectum, after I got thrush (from taking anti-biotics for tonsilitus), and it was much better - no mess at all.

SusieQ73 Fri 26-Aug-11 13:28:57

My last pregnancy ended with losing our son at 24 wks due to PROM. This time they have been monitoring me closely and the cervix was showing signs of funnelling and measuring very short. Had a cervical stitch at 18 wks and will be on the Cyclogest until 30 wks or so. 21 wks now.

Mmmmcheese Fri 26-Aug-11 15:07:38

Sorry about your son. My DS was born at 30 weeks after having 8 weeks of contractions on and off.

I'm also being closely monitored this time, but they told me that they wouldn't prescribe progesterone and the only way I could get it was doing this trial, which gives me a 50% chance of getting it.

My cervix is 28mm which they said is borderline but not short enough to do a stitch. What was your measurement out of interest?

So is there definitely no difference in effectiveness using the rectum?

SusieQ73 Fri 26-Aug-11 15:16:33

Thank you.
Mine is currently 2.1 cm. I think it was the same when the stitch was done 3 weeks ago. Are you having cervical length scans?
If you are in London there is a great consultant at UCLH called Anna David who specialises in cervical issues. She recommended the stitch for me. You can ask your doctor/consultant to refer you to a specialist.
How many weeks are you? I have been told there is no difference which way they go in!

From UCLH Website:
Anna runs a weekly Integrated Clinic for women at risk of preterm birth (Wednesday am) in the Maternal Fetal Assessment Unit, EGA wing, UCLH. Patients can contact her secretary directly to access the clinic or go via their GP.

Mmmmcheese Fri 26-Aug-11 15:44:59

Thanks v much for that. I'm in Kent and not allowed to travel! But I am seeing a consultant every 2 weeks and getting cervical length scans then as well. The problem I am having is cramping and contractions on and off, it's very scary. We did discuss getting a stitch but my consultant doesn't think there's anythng wrong with my cervix and says that it would actually be dangerous to put one in because I'm getting contractions as the contractions could force the cervix to dilate and tear the stitch out (ouch!).

I only started taking the progesterone (or placebo!) 2 days ago and have had cramping ever since. I'm not sure if it is just coincidence as I generally get this once a week anyway and it was due! Just worried that it is doing more harm than good but don't dare stop either! I'm 23 weeks and wishing that time would speed up!

PinkFondantFancy Fri 26-Aug-11 23:24:17

Are you able to call your consultant to discuss inserting them into your rectum inatead, juat to check that they wirk the same way as cyclogest? Like love I tried vaginally but quickly switched to rectally as I found that they gave me horrible vaginal soreness and burning.

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