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how many maternity clothes needed?

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notlettingthefearshow Thu 25-Aug-11 22:00:51

I'm 23 weeks pregnant and just started wearing maternity clothes. Suddenly my wardobe feels very limited! Am I just being spoilt or is it reasonable to buy a few more?

This is what I have so far, including 'normal' clothes that happen to be stretchy and should see me through:

4 pairs trousers
7 tops
1 dress
3 cardigans/jumpers

Work is smart/casual so I can wear these things anytime.

BeeMyBaby Thu 25-Aug-11 22:08:31

you could get an ebay bundle if you feel you need more?

emsyj Thu 25-Aug-11 22:11:58

I had less than that, but I am a tightwad grin.

BikeRunSki Thu 25-Aug-11 22:20:42

I had about that left over from PG1, am now 31 weeks with DC2. I have bought quite a lot of new stuff - eBay and JojoMaman sale. Firstly was very bored of it (started wearing at 9 weeks!) and secondly, my lifestyle is very different to last time. I now work part time and play/run after a 3 year old part time. I need far fewer work clothes, far more jeans and Ts.

BikeRunSki Thu 25-Aug-11 22:21:18

pg is miserable enough as it is, if new clothes make you feel better, then get some.

Scaredycat3000 Thu 25-Aug-11 22:22:34

What is comfy to wear will change, so most trousers are a no-no for me from 30ish weeks, but you may find different. Personally I'd get some maternity tights, a few more dresses and over the bump leggings. Asos have a lot of dresses in their sale, ones you can layer up would probably see you though the changing seasons?

Steeplearningcurve Thu 25-Aug-11 22:29:11

If you feel bad buying more maybe try and get things you can still use afterwards? I'm still wearing a couple of maternity dresses which look fine (the extra material doesnt seem obvious as they are quite floaty) and I also bought slightly larger tops which I wore over long vests when I was pregnant and wear on their own now.

I found nice maternity clothes were quite dear and got away with buying normal dresses in a larger size in the sales.

Beesok Thu 25-Aug-11 22:30:09

I've bought 4 pairs of maternity jeans in black, blue and grey + 3 t-shirts from GAP maternity which I live in (but I love white t-shirts and wear them all the time) + Gap mat shorts + Gap black maternity dress
5 dresses at French Connection - 2 specifically maternity
2 tops from seraphine (they are maternity and bf friendly so will be living in them for a while)
a couple of white vests from HM Mama
All the above except for seraphine and t-shirts was on big sale markdowns and I am planning to wear some dresses after birth and the rest saved for nr 2
I find cardis and blazer from pre-preg fit well so didn't bother with those
But my job was super casual so practically all of the above I could wear every day

nannyl Thu 25-Aug-11 22:36:12

i have
3 pairs of jeans (1 pair no longer fits)
2 pairs really comfy cotton trousers from asda, a bit like PJ bottoms but at 37+ weeks i dont care now wink
1 skirt (worn twice at more formal occasions)
2 dresses (1 of which is quite smart and has been worn to 2 weddings)

3 maternity T shirts
5 large T shirts in size 16 (Im normally 12) from primark which still fit (just, but the front is so stretched they will go in the bin)
1 maternity jumper
2 larger "normal" jumpers that just about fit-ish
2 bras
1 bump band

Thats what i have lived in since i was 12 weeks pg!

Snowgirl1 Thu 25-Aug-11 23:03:40

I'm also 23 weeks pregnant and, having started out thinking that I'd just make do with clothes that I already had (ha!), I have now bought some maternity clothes and still feel limited in what I've got to wear sad

I've got:
1 pair black maternity trousers for work
1 black maternity skirt for work
1 pair maternity jeans
2 maternity skirt (casual)
2 maternity dresses
3 maternity t-shirts
2 smarter maternity tops
plus a couple of pairs of non-maternity leggings
couple of second-hand maternity tops from eBay

I bought some stuff in the sale and some of the stuff I've bought has been from Boden, which seems to sell well on eBay so I'm hoping I'll be able to sell once I no longer need it. To be honest, I can't see myself not buying more clothes in the next few months - so I've had a total about turn on the clothes front. Go shop if you want to!

Pastabee Fri 26-Aug-11 07:52:07

I don't think it's spoilt at all to miss your nice clothes and a whole wardrobe at your disposal!

I tried to make it easier by clearing out all my clothes into the guest room thinking 'at least I'll have loads of space'. Sadly it just looks like a millipede lives in my house as there are tonnes of shoes and no clothes. My heels lay there mocking me now.

I'm 29 weeks and I was getting on fine with what I had maternity wise but now the few 'normal' tops and dresses can't be worn I feel so bored with my clothes!

Treated myself last night to ASOS sale stuff but picked things with buttons as I thought I could use them for BF too assuming I can get the hang of it!

danio7 Fri 26-Aug-11 08:38:07

I'm 40+1 and throughtout the whole of the pregnancy so far I have had...
3 dresses, four tops and about one million bump bands.

I would so highly reccomend the bands as it means that you can still wear all of your old clothes-they are the best invention EVER.

I got a pack of three, white, black and grey from NewLook for £6.00 and I wouldnt of been anywhere without them!!!

hope it all works out smile

Bartimaeus Fri 26-Aug-11 08:45:02

I found my needs changed. At first I only really needed some work clothes (1 pair black trousers, 1 skirt, 1 pair jeans for Fridays, 5 tops) which I washed and wore and washed and wore.

Then we went on holiday so I needed some more casual tops (H&M do cheap, nice t-shirts). Am now on maternity leave so laze around in large jogging trousers and t-shirts or even my pyjamas and only get dressed to go out.

On the whole I've managed with surprisingly few clothes, although I am getting sick to death of all my clothes (am 34+5).

If you fancy more clothes, then go for it. I HATE clothes shopping so was ok to exist on very few clothes, just to save myself the nightmare of shopping. Other than that, my advice would be to buy little by little if and when you need something more.

CailinDana Fri 26-Aug-11 08:56:08

I was pg with DS around the same time of year as you. I got some lovely dresses and they were a god send. I found wearing trousers quite uncomfortable in the last 10 weeks or so whereas the dresses were comfy and made me feel less like a huge heifer. In fact I think I looked rather lovely in those dresses and I would wear them now if they looked half as well without the bump! I think I got one in H and M and another in mothercare.

I found lack of clothes got me down towards the end so I made sure to go out and buy and few really nice things that I felt better in. I definitely think it's worth it. Gap do some nice maternity stuff. Also a pair of body logic jogging pants that have the fold over bit at the top rather than a waist band are dead comfy and can be worn again when you're not pg, but are still feeling a little, shall we say, tubby.

Being pg in winter is quite nice as you can wear lovely jumper dresses and tights, which are very flattering. I don't advise buying a maternity coat though as they tend to be horrible and not very wearable when you're not pg. Best to buy one that ties under the boobs and can be left open on the bottom and wear plenty of warm clothes underneath it.

CailinDana Fri 26-Aug-11 08:58:29

BTW I wouldn't bother buying maternity leggings or tights - just buy normal ones in the next size up and let them sit under your bump. I found towards the end that having clothes cutting my bump in half was really uncomfortable - it was better to have tights that sat under it and then a dress over it.

moomsy Fri 26-Aug-11 11:54:53

I spent far more in Bras than anything else.

I still have 1 pair of maternity jeans. Refuse to buy more. My pre-pregnancy jeans fit me until 5months so I held up to the last min.

Some t-shirts I had also still fit me - they will probably be streched to death though.

I bought 4jersey boob tube longer lengh tops on sale at Dorothy perkings that served me from start to now 9months.

I used those on its own or with bolero tops / cardigans I already had.

Mamas & papas does a gorgeous fold up jersey joggers black. I live in those.

So they do t-shirts. I got two. I also got a pair of cropped combat trousers from there.

I love Next maternity leggings - have 1 pair. I managed to fit into my existing leggings until 6 months.

Only two months ago I got 3 bubble maternity tops from next also.

And that is it! It looks a lot but it's not. I am lucky I work from home - I guess you end up spending more if you have to dress up smartly.

I recommend Marks & Spencers over mothercare for bras. Sleep Bras from Mothercare are great though.

Get yourself fitted everytime you think your bra is getting tight - don't do it like me having spent a fortune on my first trip to mother care to then realise that the size you chose wasn't right.

If buying trousers and jeans I highly recommend that they are of strech material and don't understimate how big you can get on the hips at the last trimester. I would prefer jeggings over actual jeans trousers and if you sit down all day, use jersey bottoms or you will risk having very swollen legs/ feet.

stripeybump Fri 26-Aug-11 12:04:21

ASOS sale have some fabby stuff, if you actually like clothes shopping! I just bought 3 French Connection maternity dresses for work, all lovely and each reduced from about £90 to £35 each. Also got an Elle McPherson maternity bra which looks lovely but I suspect may not resemble my actual size for long (am 24 weeks).

Aside from that, yy to large sized leggings and tights, and long jersey stretch tops and waterfall cardis will keep you sorted for weekends. Scarves, snoods and jewellery are your friend.

Oh oh and Primark do the nicest soft jersey lounging trousers that I've been living in for £4.50 in a soft grey.

Isabella Oliver tops are fab but pricey - I got 2 in the sale reduced from £59 (!) to £24 each - they really are good though, really thick jersey that washes well and with lining in the boob area for extra support.

Primark again for knicks - can't argue with £1 a pair!

bigeyes Fri 26-Aug-11 12:25:56

I am only 14+3 and still in comfy normal clothes, leggins and tunic tops etc. though missing my skinny jeans.

Last time with DS(5) I bought stuff for work, an few casual stuff, but towards the end and after the only thing that fit comfortable was a black velour tracksuit - I was sick to death of it and it was the only thing I chucked away at the time, kept everything else though dont have these now but they wouldnt be suitable anyway as I now dont work.

I intend to buy a lot more this time. I decided that every season (twice a year) I would buy a new mini wardrobe of key pieces and not try to build the elusive classic/core wardrobe that will last for a long time.

So I am buying myself what I would normally but just maternity, also knowing I will be in it till 2/3 months after the birth. So far

-cotton jersey blue (mid denim colour) dress intend to wear with leggings and long sleeve underneath in winter from Sale at M/Care

Arriving tomorrow from NEXT sale under offers on website all for £68

-grey marl leggings
-formal grey straight leg linen blend trousers
-cream ruffle blouse
-tan chinos
-3 pack of long sleeved t's (grey black white)
-Cream gypsy style blouse

Normal clothes
A maxi dress I bought in a larger size that will see me through nights out/meals the next few months its black/cream print
A long size 22 jumper I was wearing as slouchy will be ok
A long grey cardigan coat

I just need to get
black leggings for when Im bigger, some
navy skinny or slim leg jeans,
a billowy pussy bow style blows preferably spotty and
some quick throw on tunics x2 for school run

An as many accessories - as they last for ever, have just been in accessorise this AM but couldnt look properly as DS with me.

What is everyone doing about winter coats during winter?

ImBrian Fri 26-Aug-11 12:30:42

Ive been getting primark linen trousers in the next size up for work, normal leggings and 2 pairs of next maternity jeans and my size 12 boy jeans which still fit for the rest of the time. I have about 8 maternity vest tops that i wear with normal cardies and a selection of tops from h&m in the next size up. Im 28 weeks and hoping I wont need to buy anything else.

bigeyes Fri 26-Aug-11 12:30:55

Sorry notletting so I say go for it, if you not too sure top up with sale stuff that way its easier to justify! grin Or invest in more accessories a plain t can look very different with a change of scarfs/earring and hair up or down!

Plus - go and get some new make up and play around with a different look

Listen to me, I cant wait for DS to be back at school and for payday to be here! grin

stripeybump Fri 26-Aug-11 12:50:58

Haha bigeyes - it's payday here hence the ASOS order, loving having an income for as long as possible as DH can't really complain, our finances are separate mostly at the moment but we'll be making do on his income (read: being skint) for the next few years so no lovely extravagant clothes shopping trips for me for a while...!

Also I agree with you that playing with hair, make-up and accessories is the way forward. I don't think I'm glowing exactly (24 weeks and still throwing up envy ) but the lack of alcohol and mucho sleep seems to be good for my skin and eyes!

TooImmature2BDumbledore Fri 26-Aug-11 14:49:25

I couldn't stand anything that dug in under my bump towards the end, not even leggings. It meant I had hardly any trousers - I had bought one pair of maternity jeans, and they got hideously uncomfortable, and I was wearing my old joggers, which wore out and got big holes in the crotch as they were worn so much. This time I intend to get over-the-bump jeans, high-waisted maternity leggings and some soft joggers for walking the dog etc. I bought dresses mainly, and I had 4 pairs of maternity tights that I washed over and over. I've already ordered some new dresses and I'm barely 8 weeks! I got so fed up of having such a limited wardrobe (4 proper maternity dresses, 1 pair of jeans, 4 pairs tights, a couple of shirts, although one didn't get worn much as my boobs outgrew it and a short-sleeved jumper dress, supplemented with a few non-maternity items) that this time I'm going to get much more stuff.

bigeyes Fri 26-Aug-11 16:51:44

stripey you good, ive stuck that little lost on my next account - they were such good prices it was a shame to miss out! Yes we've had patches of skintness last time, u'd be surprised what you can do with a plain top from asda and a few of those well placed accessories! Ive foudn most mums to be middle of the road smart casual unfussy clothes that are practical, its nice when youve lost postnatal weight though and can have abit of spendies! grin

Off to check out ASOS - yes my wine costs and nights out are diverted into other spending pots too - I think without being able to diet and exercise all the dressy up stuff is something you can do!

too LOL re hole in crotch my my 'Mrs' yes

LETS ALL GET MORE STUFF THIS TIME - my goodness ive foudn this thread strangely liberating grin

notlettingthefearshow Sat 27-Aug-11 06:20:11

Thanks for all the messages - lots of useful advice and also reassurance that yes it is normal to need more than half a dozen outfits to last for the last 4 months (then however long after!)!

I agree I want to look nice in pregnancy! Let's face it you get an increasing amount of attention the huger you get, and I also want lots of photos of me, preferably not looking like a munter.

I've just organised a shopping day out with my mum! Will also have a go on Ebay. Since I'm not sleeping, it can be my new nighttime hobby!

I've mostly managed to get non-mat things for the top half so I haven't spent too much and will probably carry on wearing them for a while. I like the idea of jumper dresses and jumpers with leggings. As I'm on the portly side (since pre-pregnancy - can't blame baby!), my legs are not at their best in leggings. However, I might change my tune in later pregnancy as proportionately my legs might not look so porky!

What's everyone doing about a winter coat? I'm due on Xmas Day and live in the North so reckon I will need to start rugging up in about, ooh, October at the latest. DH has pointed me in the direction of charity shops which in theory is a good idea - in practice I am not one of those people who ever has luck in these place!

Pastabee Sat 27-Aug-11 07:13:37

I'm sure your legs look fine in leggings! Unless you are a size 6 or 13 years old everyone needs to layer them with a longer dress to hide the tops on their thighs!!

Re a coat I've been given the advice to wait as long as possible because you'll find you are a lot hotter than pre pregnancy so may only want a jacket. It'll only take a few days to order one and there likely won't be much choice so this seems good advice to me.

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