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35 weeks, feeling unsettled. Help?

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GemsyT Thu 25-Aug-11 20:55:43

Hey girls,

Hope you're all plodding along nicely! I just wondered if any of you are experiencing the same as me at the mo, and have any advice?

I've got a 16cmx8cm cyst on my left ovary, a placenta previa and a breech baby. We went for a scan on Tuesday and they said the placenta needs to move another 1cm for it to be a safe natural birth, but my baby is now breech :-( They also said they I will need an operation next year to remove the cyst, so I'm feeling really low, as even if I can have a natural birth, I will then have to recover from a huge op while looking after a newborn.

I asked if I can just have a c-section so they can remove the cyst at the same time, but they're reluctant to do that as I have too much blood in my uterus.

I just feel like nothing is going right and I just can't prepare for birth, as I just don't know how my baby is going to come in to the world. Have any of you guys had this? xxxx

Jill72 Thu 25-Aug-11 21:13:57

No - none of this happened to me but though I would send a virtual hug and give you full permission to feel sorry for yourself! Sounds like you have a lot to take on. How far along are you? Is there time for baby to turn yet? Have you researched some 'turning methods' - worth a try and give you something positive to focus on. Perhaps you need to think of looking a things one thing at a time - this op is off in the future and you have no idea how things will stand by then - you may well be coping really well with new baby and feeling more positive and ready to deal with the op then. I would look to put it on the back burner in your mind and focus on immediate issues. Also I would indulge in your favourite naughty , ( chocolate, glass of wine, long bath ect), for a quick pick me up!!!!

cravingcake Fri 26-Aug-11 11:45:05

Sorry, not had this happen but also wanted to send you a virtual hug! Like Jill said, just look at one thing a time & definitely have some chocolate (or whatever you fancy) for a pick me up to take your mind off everything for 10 minutes. I do hope somone can help x

GemsyT Mon 29-Aug-11 20:01:53

Thanks girls, I've got another scan in three weeks so will let you know how it goes! Why is nothing ever straightforward, hey?! xxx

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