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What to expect at the post-natal check-up

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hubbahubster Thu 25-Aug-11 15:28:11

I've got my check-up at my GP in a couple of weeks and wondered whether it was likely to be just questions about my recovery and a look at my scar (I had a c-section) or if I'll actually be examined. What should I expect? Thanks!

nunnie Thu 25-Aug-11 15:31:05

I had mine at the same time as DS had his 6 week check or is it 8 weeks mind blank sorry.

It was mainly about him, and a few questions about period for me and contraception. No examination and she didn't look at my scar. Just asked if I thought it was ok.

CitizenOscar Fri 26-Aug-11 05:47:16

Mine was v brief - I was surprised. She asked how I was and she prescribed me the pill and iron tablets and took my blood pressure, that was it. I think they're meant to do a bit more (e.g. Check your stomach muscles) but she didn't.

My friend asked her gp to examine her to make sure everything was ok post-stitches etc but neither gp did without being asked.

If there had been anything wrong I don't think my
gp would have discovered it, except if it affected my blood pressure!

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