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weird movement in belly during sex - 11 weeks pg

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LittleBumbleBee Wed 24-Aug-11 18:41:34

hi all, this is my first pregnancy so am feeling very paranoid about every little thing! im 11 weeks and quite slim, and last time my partner and i had intercourse, only way i can describe it is i could feel my womb pushing out each time he penetrated. i could feel this from the inside and also by putting my hand low down on my tummy . has anyone ever experienced anything similar or know what this could be? i am only asuming it feels like my womb
many thanks for any opinions xxx

MissusTulip Wed 24-Aug-11 22:14:21

HIya, it may be some Braxton Hicks? I've been getting them since about week 12, some quite random (like stretching out on a sun lounger) and usually during sex - tho that's not too often these days (31 + 2, big bump and SPD) blush

Hope that helps! As long as it's not sore and no bleeding etc, it's just one of those weird pregnancy things!

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