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Thought my waters had gone - day from hell

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emoo777 Tue 23-Aug-11 17:16:34

I got a phone call this morning to tell me my grandma died. I had a bath an hour and a half later and a few minutes after getting out had a massive gush of water come out, all over the bathroom floor. It was almost like peeing but I had no control over it and hadn't needed the loo. Went to the hospital and after waiting for 5 hours they told me there was no sign of them breaking. Also, my cervix is still long and not effaced. Gutted as i have obviously had everyone on high alert at the same time as a crisis in the family, and am left feeling like I am going mad but why would I have made this up? Just feel very embarrassed and trying to cope with unexpected grief and today's events feels like too much. Can they ever get it wrong about your waters? What the hell could all of that water been?

xkatyx Tue 23-Aug-11 17:44:20

If I was u I would insist. I had my waters trickle out and they kept saying no nothing ( after dpin internals and something else that's like a smear)

I insisted that I had not wet myself and refused to go home!!

Anyway that was the Thursday .. They wanted to send me home but I wouldn't go. In the end I got a infection on the Sunday and they induced me thankfully. My poor little girl had pneumonia because of it and had to stay in for 5 days in intensive care!!

So by the sounds of it u are in the same position and if I were u I would and say my waters have gone .. Not you think they have.

I'm sorry to here of your loss also horrible thing to have to cope with at the same time.

Good luck


emoo777 Tue 23-Aug-11 18:16:02

Thanks. They did an internal exam and said cervix was closed and took a swab so we shall see if that comes up with anything. The fact that it was 5 hours after the event makes me think it is unlikely to come up with anything. They said maybe water had accumulated during my bath but there was just so much water I don't think I buy that explanation.

turkishbaby Tue 23-Aug-11 18:16:40

The exact same things happened to me on Sunday night. I felt like I had wet myself . had to change knickers twice and it was like clear water gushing al out me ( sorry if tmi).
I went to the hospital ( I live in Turkey) and there was total panic as they thought my waters had broken. they called my doctor ( he only works day time) to come in and after a scan ,and internal scan and an internal examine , I was told that my cervix was definatly closed and no signs of anything happening and my amniotic fluids were fine.
My doc took some swabs and said I have a vaginal infection, I have been given pessaries and told to rest for a few days.
Maybe thats what was wrong with you @emoo777 ? Might be worth speaking to your midwife about.
Hope you feeel better soon ,and I would not worry about panicking other people, if it feels wrong to you, get it checked out.

banana87 Tue 23-Aug-11 18:39:38

Hind waters. Mine went before I had DD, although only an hour or so later did my actual waters go. I don't think you are mistaken, hopefully it means things are on the move (presuming you are full term?). Sorry about your grandmother.

xkatyx Tue 23-Aug-11 20:17:59

MY cervix was also closed and swabs all clear, I also had aan and they said all looked fine but this was my 3 rd baby so I had a little knowledge even though my waters had never broken them selves before.

I honestly am not tryin to panic you just if u are not happy about it make sure u are seen

emoo777 Wed 24-Aug-11 09:33:53

Yes, I am full term (39+3). They did take swabs for infection. I am baffled they didn't tell me to collect the fluid all over the floor as they ended up trying to collect it with speculum but I had already told then I wasn't leaking. They were extremely busy and the moment I told the midwife I had a bath she had decided it was just bath water but I had the first lot go in the bath without changing position. Frustrating as I didn't feel like they believed me but I was the only one there to judge and don't make things up. The last place I wanted to be after finding out my Granny passed away was waiting in day assessment! I guess I am just going to have to wait and see what happens.

emoo777 Wed 24-Aug-11 09:35:06

Should I not have had a scan? Would they have done this if they weren't so busy? I guess there is always the option to pay for a private scan..

xkatyx Wed 24-Aug-11 10:10:50

You shouldn't have to pay. I would call and say my waters have broke and don't let them fob u off. I can't believe how relaxed they are about the whole thing!! It's ridiculous. Or tell a porkie and say more has gone or something!!!

I'm am no midwife at all but it sounds to me like they have gone


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