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Happy to go over due date ... am I mad, normal or just plain scared!

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Newmummytobe79 Tue 23-Aug-11 15:01:32

I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow and I'm begining to think I'm a bit odd to be honest!
I'm struggling to enjoy maternity leave as I feel guilty if I'm doing nothing (used to being out of the house from 7am - 7pm at work) so am filling my days with house work which I don't really enjoy! My Mum is being a star and coming up to help me but I just find myself being grumpy with her as I feel useless not being able to do simple things like carry the hoover upstairs!
I'm also not feeling the need for baby to arrive asap as I thought I would and am more than happy to go over my due date so I've got more time to get stuff done in the house.
Is this normal for a first time Mum? Of course I can't wait to meet our baby and I can't wait for our first pram walk out as a family! smile but can't help feeling this way ... am I trying to hold on to a bit of normality before life changes forever?

Supersunnyday Tue 23-Aug-11 15:07:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LoveBeingAtHomeOnMyOwn Tue 23-Aug-11 15:08:20

I'm 38 weeks on thu and would be very happy if fs stayed where he is for another month.

Newmummytobe79 Tue 23-Aug-11 15:15:36

I'm so glad I'm not the only one to feel like this smile

I'll probably start to change my mind if I do go over my due date! Until then I will try and rest/sleep and not feel guilty about reading the odd trashy mag!

And Supersunnyday, I do indeed have a lovely Mum smile

tigana Tue 23-Aug-11 15:22:02

Normal. Try to take some time to relax and do nothing as well as constructive things.

Due date is a big psychological thing though, and once you hit it ( if you aren't early obv) you may well start to feel a bit more antsy and impatient in spite of yourself!

FWIW "happy to go over my due date so I've got more time to get stuff done in the house" (even though you don't enjoy housework) sounds like mild nesting instinct to me. Mine culminated on my hands and knees post due date scrubbing the bannisters with a bucket of hot soapy water and a cloth grin.

CalmInsomniac Tue 23-Aug-11 16:12:16

I felt similar, and went overdue to 42 weeks. I figured the baby didn't need changing, feeding and didn't wake me up in the night while still parked in my belly. I was overdue over christmas though which made things a bit difficult.
Went into labour at 40+13 once I'd relaxed and accepted I would go into hospital for induction the next morning. Baby was born at home at 06.48 on 40+14, 3 hours before my induction appointment!
In my opinion, I think if you can still sleep ok, keep the baby in as long as you can grin. I'd happily be heavily pregnant again but I'm thinking twice about putting myself through the newborn stage a second time. At least next time I will know 1) how quickly the newborn stage passes, 2) that a lack of sleep doesn't kill you and you cope and 3) how you look back at that time as really precious.
Life does change beyond recognition to begin with, but you get lots of it back after a while. When my DD was 4 months we took her to Japan for 2 weeks, ate out in restaurants there nearly every day, and took her to a guesthouse with a thermal spa (popped her sleeping in a basket next to the hot pools while we went in and relaxed!). There's still lots you can do with a baby once you've got your head round coping with it all grin.

befuzzled Tue 23-Aug-11 16:15:29

Normal. I have 3 and was always happy to let nature take it's course within the 2 weeks safety guidelines. Try and enjoy this time to yourself - i used to enjoy getting all the cute baby clothes ready and some (inernet) shopping!

NigellaLawless Tue 23-Aug-11 16:23:35

I am feeling very similar!

Whilst I am very much looking forward to motherhood I would certainly appreciate a little bit more time before it all begins.

I am due on 3 September but my roller derby team are playing a home bout that day and am desperate to go and cheer the girls on, also we only just finished painting the nursery last night and still have to construct the furniture. On top of that there are a million little jobs around the house (reorganising kitchen cupboards etc) that I have never managed to get done whilst working full time. Oh and a few weeks ago it emerged that i may have a heart condition so the last month has been taken up with so many hospital appointments that I would love a chance to just sit down and chill for a while

So all in all I am in no rush for my little one to arrive on his due date, although I imagine if he goes more than a few days over I will be changing my tune wink

Oh add to that the fact that the washing machine just broke! Need at least a week to get that fixed! confused

LoveBeingAtHomeOnMyOwn Tue 23-Aug-11 17:46:43

I've been thinking about the nappies we'll save blush, the school year ph and that I am going through every cupboard and room and haven't finished yet oh and trying to find a car seat cover as ds will be in a pink one at the moment grin

DilysPrice Tue 23-Aug-11 17:53:35

I was just like that with DD - I had a very easy pg, and was happy waiting while I watched old films on TV and got lots of sleep. Also I was desperately trying to wait for the new maternity wing to open, which I signally failed to do, and gave birth in the debris of the one which was being shut down.

flamegirl77 Tue 23-Aug-11 18:08:50

I'm the same at 39+1, so much to do, so little time...

iskra Tue 23-Aug-11 18:16:11

I'm 37 weeks, really hoping to go overdue! We moved house 3 days ago so there is lots to do, and DD starts nursery two days before my due date so would be nice to have a little time with her off my hands before baby arrives..

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