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Some guidelines for things in my birth plan please!

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SoBroken Tue 23-Aug-11 14:02:12

Last time, my mw did it for me, asked me a series of questions and then wrote the answers down. It wasn't anything extensive, the bits I remember involved giving baby an injection of something, and DH cutting the cord.

This time I'm with a different hospital (though it is the hospital I ended up delivering at last time) and no one has mentioned my birth plan. I'm almost 39 weeks so I had better do it myself!

I don't have any real demands, just that I would like to BF, and that I want to see how everything else goes on the day. Is there anything I shouldn't forget, ie anything medical, injections etc?

Also, is it ridiculous to say that if forceps are necessary, I'd rather have a cs? One of my cousins has a paralysed face because of misused forceps and I just can't bear the thought.

TIA for the advice.

PinkFondantFancy Tue 23-Aug-11 15:09:23

Just marking my place as the forceps issue is one that's worrying me too

nunnie Tue 23-Aug-11 15:27:39

Here is mine if it's any help.


Husband (Matthew) to be present at all times where possible.
Happy for students to be present, would prefer full supervision if carrying out any procedures, if unable to guarantee this then would like them to observe only.
Wish to avoid induction due to increased risk of uterine rupture.
FM – would prefer this not to be continual unless a problem is present.
Only wish to have entonox for pain relief for VBAC.
Would like to be mobile during early stages of labour, happy for FM but unless there is a problem would prefer this not to be continual.
Strongly wish to avoid ventouse and forcep delivery would prefer section if there is an urgent need for intervention.
Under no circumstances are Kielland’s forceps to be used if intervention is required whilst the baby is in the upper part of the birth canal then I would like a section to be preformed.
After previous MROP in 2007 would prefer injection for placenta delivery, to be given straight after delivery of baby.
Skin to skin if possible, if I am unable to do this for whatever reason baby to go to Matthew for first cuddle as soon as possible after delivery.
If there is a problem which leads to the baby being separated from me I wish Matthew to remain with the baby where possible.
If another EMCS is required and ends in GA again, I would like the baby to be FF of which I will have a supply in my bag and Matthew to do the first feed.

MeconiumHappens Tue 23-Aug-11 22:23:59

The nhs website does a birth plan template

woowa Tue 23-Aug-11 22:48:12

tell your DH/DP what you want and make him promise to stick to it (or other birthing partner). My DH answered any questions from MWs according to what we'd decided beforehand about pain relief, while i was in pain and high on gas and air and i've never loved him so much as when he answered correctly!!

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