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which way round is baby?

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dribbleface Mon 22-Aug-11 21:17:32

baby been transverse or oblique, I'm 34 weeks. thought baby had turned as been less uncomfortable but have foot sticking out one side of bump and bum the other, quiet low down on bump. hurts like Hell! seeing midwife tomorrow but don't sound like it's head down does it? know time to move but seems to like this position! i don't!

del1 Tue 23-Aug-11 21:35:45

Mine was transverse/breech/oblique for a bout 2 months, untill I had my 36 week check. Midwife sent me for a scan, and told me they would keep me in, incase waters broke = complications.

I spent the weekend on all fours, wiggling my bum about.
When i went for the scan, i'd turned it to breech (bum down).
They said to come back i 2 days, to have baby turned.

I really didn't want this, so spent the 2 days just on my hands and knees, crawling aound the house.
I had my bum in the air, and made sure my head end was lower. Whilst doing a sort of hoola hoping motion! blush
Bloody tough on my knees, cause we dont have carpet. And my arms ached like mad.
I didn't sit for long, or slouch on the couch.

It worked though, as when I went to get baby turned, it was head down!!

Fingers crossed it has stayed that way. As I had no idea it had turned, and still have no clue which way it is, as it throws some strange shapes in there confused

Give it a go, might be worth the discomfort

dribbleface Tue 23-Aug-11 22:17:15

turns out little one has turned. had some strong contractions over last few days, midwife seems to think this was to turn baby. so head down and hopefully staying that way. one less thing to worry about!

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