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nursing bra / top recommendations?

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Annie456 Mon 22-Aug-11 17:53:06

Hi all,
Am 39 weeks and the only thing that I'm not organised with is the whole nursing bra / tops thing. I went to my local mothercare who didnt have my bra size and i was too knackared to traipse around other shops, so i'm just going to take a punt and order online (probably the £10 B-F cup figleaves one people have recommended).

Regarding tops, where is good to buy specific nursing tops without spending a fortune? Or do I just need a couple of nursing vests and then my normal clothes?

Any recommendations appreciated as I need to get ordering!!
Annie x

silverangel Mon 22-Aug-11 19:01:20

I haven't boufht anything specifically nursing because I can't find anything that's not ugly! Am either wearing shirts with a vest under or tops I can just pull down, so low necked and stretchy or regular clothes wirh a vest underneath and pulling the top up and vest down Haven't bought nursing bras either because they were hideous too, just soft non underwired that also pull down. I can srtill be pretty discreet like this.

ThroughTheRoundWindow Mon 22-Aug-11 20:06:20

Don't go near Mothercare bras! Got ripped off on a couple of those in pre-baby panic and they are without exception the most uncomfortable bras I have ever owned (and that includes an itchy nylon lace number bought at an Anne Summers party at university!).

As for nursing tops - don't bother. All ugly and fiddly. Any loose-ish top will lift up to give boob access and once latched on the baby covers your breast and belly. If you feel particularly self-concious about your middle get some cheap vest tops to wear underneath normal clothes which can be pulled down.

And, as a rule, lifting your top up is more discrete than unbuttoning or pulling your top down!

ShouldersBackAndNoBiscuits Mon 22-Aug-11 20:18:49

Yy, what they said. I had nursing tops with DD1, waste of time - this time round I went with the vest under a top option. Vest covers tum, other top is lifted up, jobs a good un!

Bras wise, depends on your size. I got mine in bravissimo as am a big cup size, but my DSis got m and s ones which were fine.

Nagoo Mon 22-Aug-11 20:32:58

I wore bump bands under a vest so I could lift it up without getting my belly out.

Then you can wear whatever top you like. It's better to lift up than push down IMO.

saoirse86 Mon 22-Aug-11 21:50:31

I got nursing bras from La Senza and if you're near an outlet they have them for £5!! (Well they do in the Birmingham one anyway).

I agree that nursing tops are generally pretty ugly, so try to find other clothes. A vest top with adjustable bra type straps is a good alternative as you can have the straps longer than usual for easy access like these. Then maybe a shirt/blouse/cardi on top, something like this would work and cover you up a bit if you want to be more disrceet.

Misty9 Tue 23-Aug-11 14:13:48

I've just bought some nursing bras in H&M - two (black and white) with drop down cups for £15 smile comfy and seem good quality. Tried a couple of nursing tops on but will do the vest+top idea that most people seem to suggest smile

Secondtimelucky Tue 23-Aug-11 15:05:22

I go on about these, but Anita underwired nursing bras are the best possible buy if you have reasonably large boobs. I'd buy one non-wired one for when your milk first comes in any nothing else fits, then these for after the first week or two. I wish Anita would notice home much I bang on about them and send me samples, or new designs to review or something grin.

On tops, just do the MN standard approach - buy some cheap vest tops with stretchy straps (Next, H&M, and New Look were mine. Think others have found them even cheaper). Wear under any normal clothes. Top comes up, vest down so the boob goes over the top. Another option if you had maternity bump bands is to wear these under your clothes. The biggest bit you flash if you simply lift your top is post-pregnancy belly. Anything else can be covered with a muslin if you need to.

RobintheRobin Tue 23-Aug-11 15:27:33

ThroughTheRoundWindow I'm so glad to hear someone else has found Mothercare Nursing bras extremely uncomfortable, I thought it was just me and I'd bought the wrong size! They are like a torture device tbh, worst purchase ever, don't even consider them!

Annie456 Tue 23-Aug-11 17:12:52

Thanks all, seems like the cheap vest option is the best plan. I'm going to order an emma Jane 1 size fits all bra for the first week or so and then when my milk comes in I'll go and get measured for something nicer. Am too tired and uncomfortable to go shopping now so will have to order online and hope they arrive before the baby does!!

Nagoo Tue 23-Aug-11 17:42:36

secondtime I got an underwire bra from Anita. It's life-changing actually. No monoboob smile

Secondtimelucky Tue 23-Aug-11 18:54:58

Ooh, are you one of the people I recommended them to? They are fab aren't they? Sorry about the typos in the last post.

Nagoo Tue 23-Aug-11 19:38:07

DD is 9 months. someone on here told me to do it, I'll credit you if you like wink

Secondtimelucky Tue 23-Aug-11 20:40:59

Ah, well it might have been me. I've been ranting about them rather more lately because I've just had DD2. I will happily take credit although the lovely people at Anita still aren't taking the hint!!

DontWorryBaby Tue 23-Aug-11 20:44:58

I also use bump bands - they were three for £10 from new look.

Eviepoo Wed 24-Aug-11 11:42:08

RobintheRobin and throughTheRoundWindow I totally agree - mothercare bra's are the worst ever.
secondtimelucky and Nagoo I am planning to get an couple of Anita bras as soon as my milk is in and my size is settled. they look so much better than anything else I have tried.

Avoid M&S nursing bra's also - no support and you end up with the monoboob thing.

I saw someone on here suggest this website Nursing Bra Shop that does Anita/Bravado/Royce and Hotmilk. Bravado also do nursing vests with a built in bra that I plan to try.

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