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bump bands... what do they do??

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KatyN Mon 22-Aug-11 12:40:07

I'm currently 28+4 and finding walking really hard. I'm normally quite active and can walk for hours. now just a pop to the shops leaves me in pain.

I've put on 2 stone already (!) and it seems to be slapped bang on the front.. there's not much change to my back fat (!). this means when I walk around the little one seems to bounce up and down which then strains my back and under the bump. I normally end up holding him in place (imagine a teenage girl running holding her boobs) - it's not attractive.

I'm looking for something to hold the little chap and bit firmer and give my back some support.. is this exactly what a bump band is for.. or can anyone suggest anything else (other than lying on the sofa eating ice cream!)


stripeybump Mon 22-Aug-11 12:42:56

Watching - am only 23 weeks but I have a feeling this will be useful have already put on 2 stone here goddammit

LondonGirly Mon 22-Aug-11 12:44:36

Mothercare have a support belt for £12 which has helped me
Although the Velcro can be a bit itchy if it isn't in the right place. Mw recommended it.

Tinkerisdead Mon 22-Aug-11 12:46:51

No you need a pelvic band/support/belt. I tore ligaments in bump when preg last time and the pelvic belt really took weight off.

A bump band is like a stretchy bandeau top that you wear on your bump so no one catches sight of your stretch marked bump when your top is a bit short!

GwendolineMaryLacey Mon 22-Aug-11 12:49:26

They're also quite good for holding your unzipped trousers up! But they're not supportive.

Tigresswoods Mon 22-Aug-11 12:58:54

Yeah thats not what a BB is for. They don't give support as such, they are a good way of lengthening the life of your normal clothes when preggers.

I wore my normal uit trousers to work with them undone under a bump band. No one knew and I didn't need special trousers for work. I am a big advocate but I have not found that many people in RL whohave used them.

stripeybump Mon 22-Aug-11 13:07:53

Mothercare support band - looks worth a try.

KatyN Mon 22-Aug-11 13:47:18

you are wonderous ladies,

I shall pop to MC on the way home and splash the cash (I might have to buy some cute socks/scratch mits etc while I'm there too!)


Nanny01 Mon 22-Aug-11 13:54:34

If you need support then you can get a proper maternity belt from the hospital, I had one with no2 and it really helped. I I holds you pelvic gurdle in place so you don't get the pain as bad. I asked my gp to refer me to a physio.

AgBag Mon 22-Aug-11 13:57:44

I also am getting back and pelvic pain. The physio I see recommended the Serola belt...
It might help you...

banana87 Mon 22-Aug-11 14:25:23

Does pelvic band or support band help with pubic bone-splitting-apart pain?

KathleenMay Mon 22-Aug-11 15:54:28

Mothercare also sell one called Nexcare for £34.99. More expensive than their own brand one, but brilliant. I was huge with DS1 and like that, all out the front (put on 4 stone, yes, you read right). I bought this after a crippling weekend and it seemed to hold my bump up and in. Velcro a bit itchy but I found I could put it on over a camisole (not silk less you want the threads pulled) and it was real comfy.

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