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24 week check up with GP

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Yarnie Mon 22-Aug-11 12:06:13

Hi all

I just had my 24 week check up with a GP.

I've come away feeling quite unsettled and anxious. She couldn't find the heart beat and I am measuring 22cm.

She said it can be difficult to find the HB at this stage and didn't say anything about my measurement although I have since read you are meant to measure the same number of cm as weeks.

I have been feeling some movements and possible kicks but they are quite indistinct. I've not worried about it, figuring baby was still small and it was probably down to the position. However, I know you can still feel movements if something has gone wrong because the baby is in fluid. I don't generally feel much in the day anyway.

I have a Doppler and thought I was hearing the HB, but now have no confidence that it's not just blood flow as the GP said that's all she was hearing.

The GP dismissed me saying if movements slow down or stop to get checked out, but I don't really have a good sense of what, if anything, I am feeling.

What would you do?

carocaro Mon 22-Aug-11 12:14:24

Can you go and see a midwife and the local baby clinic? Are you inder care of a mifwife yet? Sorry but I can't remember when you start being under MW care. As with regards measuring the same CM as weeks is not strictly true as we are carry babies differently. Your GP is right as it is hard to hear a heartbeat at this stage. I really would not worry althought I know that you can't help it, I'd be the same. Call your midwife or find out when the next baby clinic is and pop down for some reassurance. I don't remember having the babies heartbeat checked so early on, but then my children are 4 and 9 and things change all the time. Good luck.

SaulGood Mon 22-Aug-11 12:20:36

We don't see a GP here for anything. For good reason. They are only general practitioners. A midwife does this day in day out and would be a much better option for reassuring you. They're also much better at finding a hb.

It's totally possible for the baby to hide at this point and for the hb to be hard to find. The fact that the gp can hear blood flow and you can feel movement is a good sign.

And round here they don't do fundal measurements until 28 weeks and again for good reason. One, it's not very accurate anyway, more a rough guide. Two, small things like how you're lying and how full your bladder is can affect measurement. Three, it's normal to measure a few cm either side because we're all different. I always measure 2 weeks ahead for example because I have a shallow pelvis and my uterus swells outwards more than average. They look for trends in growth month to month or week to week. A measurement 2cm outside of gestation is nothing to worry about in isolation.

Ask to see a midwife for peace of mind but I don't think there's anything to worry about.

jamama Mon 22-Aug-11 12:25:20

The fundal height measurement isn't accurate enough at this stage, my MW didn't take one until 28wks (am now 29+3), although I had been measuring at home. Baby may be in an awkward position for getting hb right now. Movements may well be indistinct at this stage - I found kicking/fluttering mostly in eves as well, but that drinking a glass of cold sweet drink and then sitting quietly for a while usually inspired a bout of movement - worth a try.
If you're worried, try calling yr MW if you're in CMW care, or the maternity unit; they should be able to get you in to check and reassure you.

Yarnie Mon 22-Aug-11 12:28:25

Yes, I hate seeing GPs too. They are always locums and are in more of a hurry than midwives and always seem uncertain and not sure what they're doing. I am under "shared care" so a small number of my appointments are with the GP.

I'll see what I feel this evening. If I feel that I'm not feeling what seems normal to me, I'll call the midwife clinic tomorrow.

Bleurgh. I hate feeling this anxiety. It's so difficult to concentrate on anything.

Thanks for your reassurance.

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