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Labour bag for home birth

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Misty9 Sun 21-Aug-11 22:31:13

Hi all

I'm planning a waterbirth at home (38wks tomorrow) but know I also need to pack a labour bag in case of transfer...but I'm a bit stuck as to what to put in it. Transfer could end up as c-section, so should I pack for that eventuality? We live 5mins from hospital so DH could easily pop back for things...
So far I've packed 3xnewborn sleepsuits and body vests, a hat, 4-5 nappies and cotton wool for poppyseed. For me I've got: nipple pads, nursing brasx2, one button-down nightshirt, toiletries, giant knickers grin, lansinoh. I will def add snacks and water...

What am I missing? Do I need a blanket and cardigan for the baby too? I thought this would be so straightforward! smile

SaulGood Sun 21-Aug-11 22:39:06

For the baby:

A few vests and babygros, perhaps in a couple of sizes
Nappy cream
Cotton wool

For you:

Couple of button down nightshirts or pyjamas
Big knickers
Maternity pads (about a million)
Breast pads
Nipple creams
Light dressing gown perhaps
Flip flops
Warm socks
Going home clothes
Snacks/cordial or juice to add to water
Pad and pen

Misty9 Sun 21-Aug-11 22:41:06

Thanks saul - I'm almost there then, and I forgot to say I've packed 20 maternity pads already smile

mercibucket Sun 21-Aug-11 22:42:50

labour bag for homebirth is a brilliant idea cos it makes everything so easy for hubby/midwife to find after the birth while you snuggle up with baby on the bed
if you're only a few minutes from hospital, don't over-pack. remember to stick some painkillers, food and a few good books/magazines in, otherwise you and saulgood have got it covered there!

SaulGood Sun 21-Aug-11 22:46:38

If you do end up transferring they have gooooooood painkillers at the hospital. grin

I transferred in during a planned homebirth and while most things you can fudge and/or send dh home for, it's sometimes a good idea to make sure he knows where things are and what you mean by certain phrases. And pack your own going home clothes. Because 'can you bring me a top, this one's drenched in milk and I need to travel home' sounds to some dhs remarkably like 'go to a drawer I never open, find a lacy vest I haven't worn since I was a size 8 in 1997 and bring that in, clutching it aloft like some kind of trophy you bloody numpty'.

I've packed for a day and a night in hospital misty - I'm having a hb as well (when this bloody baby decides she's making an appearance smile) But it means that if we don't have to go to hospital everything is all in one place for the first day and night.
I've got: 5 sleepsuits and vests, 12 nappies, a Cardigan, a blanket, some muslins, a hat - that's for baby. For me: two pairs of pyjamas, a bath and hand towel, breast pads, maternity pads, 2 nursing bras, two pairs of maternity trousers and 4 vests (for coming home in/being dressed in so it feels like normal, but I hate ligging round in pyjamas), some snacks for me and DH, my washbag (bought mini stuff from boots for all my cream/shower gel etc), lanisoh, and a note stuck to the top of my suitcase for things I use every day that DH mustn't forget, like the car seat and my make up bag (I'm very very vain grin).
HTH and good luck

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