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Maternity and wellbeing clinic

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pruney1977 Sun 21-Aug-11 17:24:42

Hi All
I have an appointment with this clinic next week (at Leicester Royal Infirmary) but I've not been told why I've been referred there. I wondered if anyone else has been to one and knows what they do there? I have a very high BMI (57) plus PCOS and overactive thyroid (although endocrinology are monitoring that). I'm assuming it's because I'm a tubby mummy but even my doctor didn't know what it was; she asked me why I'm going to it! I also have a separate appointment with the anaesthetist at end of September.

YBR Mon 22-Aug-11 07:19:05

How far on are you Pruney? I'm sure your Dr or MW should be telling you why you're referred - ring and ask - perhaps ring the clinic's number and ask them who referred you and why. They should be able to point you in the right direction.

Having said that I've not been to this clinic - not even heard of it, but my scans are at LRI so maybe I'll encounter it later (I'm 22 wks).

pruney1977 Mon 22-Aug-11 09:54:15

Good morning smile
I'm 22w5d. The appointment was made when I had my first scan at 10w6d. The lady at the desk took my book and put 2 appts in, one of this clinic and one for the anaesthetist clinic so I assume there was something on the screen that prompted her to make the appt.
There's no clinic number to phone as no letter but there's a number for the assessment area at LRI so am going to phone them now.

pruney1977 Mon 22-Aug-11 10:02:43

Rang and spoke to them, they put me through to a midwife who doesn't work on the clinic but she asked if I was on the heavy side, (which at bmi of 57 I am lol), as it'll be about my risk factors to do with that and they might put me on aspirin, which I've never heard of before but then have never been pregnant before.
I'm taking my mum with me so DH doesn't have to take any time off.
I find it interesting that no-one has yet mentioned my weight to me when people with much lower bmi than me (but still classed as overweight) have had a lot of things said to them. No-one has even weighed me, they just took my word for what I weighed at home.

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