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low iron, low sugar, low red blood cells, protein in wee, spd.. HELP CANT IT GET WORST

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mummy2agirl2b Sat 20-Aug-11 23:08:54

Low Iron, Low Sugar, Low Red Blood Cells, High Protein In Wee, Spd, Not Eatting At All.... Well When To Midwife On Wednesday For Check Up At 28 Weeks To Find Out I Have Spd And High Protein In Wee And Low Blood Presure Then Doctors On Friday. To Find Out That I Am So Low On Everything Then To Find Out That I Cant Do Anything About It. Just Wait For More Test. Midwife Said That Baby Will Be There By 36 Weeks. I Am 29 Weeks Just Now And Really Worried.

mummy2agirl2b Sat 20-Aug-11 23:47:06

can i do any thing!!

NewlyConvertedFordLover Sun 21-Aug-11 09:00:23

Can I ask, why are you not eating? Surely it stands to reason that if you aren't eating at all you will have low iron and low sugar. I am 32 weeks and if I didn't eat, I would be feeling pretty crap too!

As for SPD, I've never had it so I can't offer any advice. Perhaps someone who has experience of this will be along soon, or you could search through past threads on it to give you some coping strategies.

mummy2agirl2b Sun 21-Aug-11 09:03:02

i have been eatting but its only like 3-5 chips or bits of pasta! or a few strawberrys! i drink loads of milk! but i just dont feel like eatting when i do i end up being sick!

differentnameforthis Sun 21-Aug-11 09:05:09

You can do something about your low iron, you take tabs or iron drink or up your iron rich food intake.

You can eat, yes it is hard when you don't feel like it, but you have to do it! Find what you can eat & eat it. There will be something. I could eat pretty much anything as long as I didn't have to cook it/smell it cooking!

SPD, had it twice, worse in preg #2. Resulted in having to wear a support belt, horrible, but did the trick.

pamplemousserose Sun 21-Aug-11 09:06:03

You need to eat and your midwife needs to do further blood tests testing your liver function levels, platelets
and iron.

Are you sure your bp is low? What reading was it?

differentnameforthis Sun 21-Aug-11 09:06:10

If you can't eat, can you drink the build up drinks?

pamplemousserose Sun 21-Aug-11 09:06:41

You need to eat and your midwife needs to do further blood tests testing your liver function levels, platelets
and iron.

Are you sure your bp is low? What reading was it?

MrsHuxtable Sun 21-Aug-11 09:23:53

It's a vicious circle. By now you probably feel sick because your body is not used to eating anymore. You need to increase your intake slowly but steadily. Have you been diagnosed with hyperemesis or what was the sickness originally about? For how long has the not eating been going on? If it is related to hyperemesis, there is medication you can get. I think we need more details!

mummy2agirl2b Sun 21-Aug-11 09:52:36

well from oct to now i went from been a bouncy size 24ish down to a 12-14 basiscally it was a water diet. now every thing i eat is coming back up. but my midwife said not to take diet drinks xx

stressheaderic Sun 21-Aug-11 10:02:28

I can see that you must feel absolutely dreadful and feel like there is no end to this - I was exactly the same at that time, low everything, numerous kidney infections, in and out of hosp, it was during the big snowfall and I was stuck at home, signed off work, feeling utterly despondent. I also wasn't eating much due to heartburn/vomiting/total lack of appetite.

BUT - in the end I convinced myself I had to eat, to ensure my baby had a good chance, what I was doing wasn't fair.

Everyone thought the baby would come early but in the end she came at 39 weeks. Those final 10 weeks were the worst of my life but the minute she was born it was all forgotten and now it feels like a very dim and distant memory (DD is 18 months old).

If you have a tough pregnancy, you are consumed by it - but it really really is only a short time out of your life. If it helps, as I had such a rough time being pregnant, once she was born, I was so relieved and happy not to be pregnant any more that I flew through the first few months and found it an absolute doddle. Give me a newborn over being pregnant anyday.

Good luck and please do as your doctor/midwife directs you to (maybe taking iron supplements etc), even if it makes you feel ill - you have to put your baby first, they are relying on you.

mummy2agirl2b Sun 21-Aug-11 10:09:26

yea i am just so scared that i will eat and b the size of a whale. and end up a single mum. i only got with the bf weeks before i found out i was preg.

AlpinePony Sun 21-Aug-11 10:30:19

Please knock that thought right on the head, given your 'delicate condition' I'm going to guess that he's already seen the size of your arse before you got pregnant! ;) have you spoken to him about your worries and fears?

I think maybe your doc has said 'no diet drinks' because they think you're actively trying to diet, please ignore and try a slim-fast (or whatever) to try and get some vitamins down you. They can seem quite thick and closing, so maybe use just half the amount so it doesn't make you feel yucky. Maybe try nibbling on a protein bar?

There's more at stake here than your weight, as you know the baby will take what it needs from you, but this could mean that you're dangerously low on some vits and minerals. sad

If your baby does come early, it's all good. My son came after 1 day maternity leave, I wasn't 'ready' but no regrets!

mummy2agirl2b Sun 21-Aug-11 10:41:28

i havent spoke to hm as were fighting every day over me wanting to b ready. they told me that baby is small and they want to induce me if my bloods are low again this time. no he didnt see me much befroe i got preg as i lived away and worked away. and never really went back apart from birthdays and xmas.

AlpinePony.. how early was your son..

differentnameforthis Sun 21-Aug-11 10:56:30

I wasn't talking abut the diet drinks. You can buy build up drinks, meal replacement drinks. Complan, they used to be called when I was preg with dd1

AlpinePony Sun 21-Aug-11 10:59:06

But he does know that you weren't a size 8 is what I meant! I mean he did get you pregnant so presumably being heavier was no barrier for his attraction towards you. smile

I was sent to hospital unexpectedly at 36+3 and told I would not leave hospital without a baby, I thought I was just in for a couple of days rest. He was born 2 days later.

AlpinePony Sun 21-Aug-11 11:00:16

There are many women on Mumsnet who are single parents and there's a huge amount of support - so if it doesn't work out, it's not the end of the world.

differentnameforthis Sun 21-Aug-11 11:00:23

My baby was 4lb when she was born, 4 weeks early.

Can you not eat because you are worried that you will become the size of a whale. and end up a single mum? Because that is daft!! Surely what is best for your baby is to eat, not to worry about weight?

And if he leaves you for putting on weight, he ain't a man you want to be with anyway!

PamBeesly Sun 21-Aug-11 13:56:06

Hi OP, sorry to hear you are feeling so ill and that you are feeling down in yourself generally. I am only 13 weeks pregnant but I too very often don't feel like eating, I heave at the idea of food. However I have already lost weight since becoming pregnant and I'm afraid my baby isn't getting enough (I was a size 16 before becoming pg so not a small girl anyway) I really do have to force myself to eat, dry crackers, fruit, yoghurts, ice cream are food I can eat, I just make sure I get the full fat versions and eat little and often, please do try as hard ad you can and put any notions of gaining weight to the back of your mind. As soon as your little one arrives, if you decide to breast feed, you will lose weight. As for the man, if he would judge you based on your appearance maybe he isn't worth having but as AlpinePony pointed out he found you attractive enought to get you pregnant in the first place. You are having his baby, any man worth anything would be sticking by you. Good luck, step by step build up your calories

Mabelface Sun 21-Aug-11 14:01:57

Your baby should be okay, but your teeth and bones will suffer massively if you don't eat. Also, once fat on the body is burned, you start to lose muscles, and that includes your heart.

mummy2agirl2b Sun 21-Aug-11 14:23:14

yea i hope every thing is fine.. thanks for ur support does it work that u lose weight thou breast feeding xx

PamBeesly Sun 21-Aug-11 17:00:11

when you breast feed you are using more energy and you will lose weight, don't worry now though mummy2agirl2b, you've already gone down a good few dress sizes, now concentrate on eating healthily for your little girl, she needs to put on the weight, good luck smile

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