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Mucus and tickly cough at 39 weeks Pregnancy

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dumpads Sat 20-Aug-11 17:44:17

Just wondering if anyone can help? Am currently 39weeks and 4 days into my first pregnancy and have been suffering with a really bad throat infection for the last couple of weeks ( by this, I mean, yellow/greeny phlegm-sorry if it's tmi!!). I've been to see the midwife and have been advised not to take anything and just to have lemon and honey tea...

Last night, the cough developed into a horrible tickly cough and I couldn't stop coughing and had to take a locket to soothe my poor throat.

Has anyone experienced this so late in their pregnancy and should I see the docs?

It's starting to annoy me and I'm exhausted from all the coughing. Have had a relatively easy pregnancy until now and am worried about deafening bubs!

x grin

Ninunina Sat 20-Aug-11 17:52:40

Sorry you're feeling poorly so late into your pregnancy. Everyone is different, so I would probably suggest seeing your GP about this however in my experience, I always get a tickly cough when my chest infection/ cold is clearing up.
I find taking a spoon full of honey (ideally manuka honey) always helps line the throat and calms the tickle. I doubt your GP will give you anything else rather than lemon & honey.
Best of luck with the cough, and more importantly, the birth!

dumpads Sat 20-Aug-11 17:57:26

Thanks for your response Niunina, it's just frustrating that I've tried honey (although not manuka as yet) but it just seems to make me more mucusy!

Thanks though and I suspect come the time for the birth, I don't think my mind will be on the cough!x

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