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hypothyroid in pregnancy?

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theidsalright Sat 20-Aug-11 14:08:43

I'm not looking for medical advice-I will go the the GP for that-but just wondering if anyone has had "queried" hypothyroid disease in pregnancy when they've never had it before?

I've consulted NHS choices and I have none of the symptoms (well, apart from tired, constipated, natch). My GP letter said they would re-test me in 6 months and makes no recommendations for treatment or it's all mysterious. I'm thinking of just trying to ignore it and wait to mention it when I see the obstetrician in 3 weeks (I'm guessing the same result will have come up on my blood screen taken at booking in?)

tinky19 Sat 20-Aug-11 14:41:57

Hi, not sure if this is what you're asking but I had about 3 years of symptoms of Hypothyroidism with tests coming back normal, then was diagnosed when DS was 3/4 months as I got a painful throat. (it runs in my family so I wasn't suprised) Not sure when I'd got it (probably towards the end of my pregnancy thinking back to symptoms) but there was a realisation that even as a mother of a newborn I was just too tired. If you do feel like you have developed any symptoms I would push to be retested as it needs extra monitoring during pregnancy.

theidsalright Sat 20-Aug-11 15:10:57

thanks. I don't think I have any of the symptoms that could not be put down to pregnancy. The letter says "the results show you may be hypo-thyroid"-so I just wanted to know what this might mean!

tinky19 Sat 20-Aug-11 18:11:20

You're numbers are probably at top of normal range (or possibly just over) if they're not retesting but I would ask for these results and then discuss the possibility of retesting sooner if you are worried about it or any symptoms become more obvious. How pregnant are you? If you are at the start I would definately ask for a closer test just to make sure it is not going untreated during pregnancy. It's only a blood test after all.

tinky19 Sat 20-Aug-11 18:13:45

Oh, and the symptoms are quite difficult to spot. I felt really tired but just put it down to late stages of pregnancy/ newborn lack of sleep. It was only when my throat started hurting (about 2 months later) that I figured something wasn't right.

theidsalright Sat 20-Aug-11 19:12:56

thanks. Do you think in hindsight that you were hypo-thyroid during pregnancy then?

I'm definitely going back on Monday as I read a bit more on another NHS site (I never go further on google!) and it's freaked me out, even the "sub-clinical" hypothyroidism (no idea of whether this applies to me). I remember with DS being asked to participate in a study about iodine during pregnancy that had something to do with thyroid disorders.

The letter said I should come back in six months to be re-tested hmm - just about when baby is due!

tinky19 Sat 20-Aug-11 19:37:37

I think I probably was towards the end, but I did have tests at the start which said I wasn't. I would definately ask to be restested in 3 months rather than 6 (especially if your results are on the high side) it's not a big deal and like I said it's just a blood test.
However - even now, doctors and mw will forget to test me at routine appointments and I'm the one who has to push for it to be done.
Good luck.

smellimelli Sun 21-Aug-11 19:47:58

I'm not sure if hypothyroid in pregnancy is the same as "normal" hypothyroid? Not to alarm you, but if it is I would urge you to go back to the Dr as if left untreated can lead to complications with the baby and pregnancy.

I have hypothyroid and was monitored last pregnancy (blood tests every 6 weeks) and I still developed pre eclampsia (which hypothyroid make you more at risk of developing). In early pregnancy the dose of thyroid normally needs to be increased until baby can make its own.

Hope all goes well.

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