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Expecting dd3, 2nd IUGR baby. Any tips for avoiding SCBU?!

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haribofan Fri 19-Aug-11 22:53:20

I had dd1 5.5 years ago weighing 4lb 14oz at 38 weeks. She had to go to scbu, got jaundiced and I ended up giving up on direct bf as I wanted to get out of scbu, had enough after 10 days. I maybe should have had more patience but just couldn't bear the whole scbu environment as somewhere to establish bf. Dd2 was fine, 7lb and I bf her fine. Now due to have dd3 in a few days, have been diagnosed with iugr again and looks like she'll be about 5lb 9oz when delivered at 38 weeks, unless ctg.'s aren't good and they deliver me before. I'm wondering what the chances of a scbu stay again are if she is born at that kind of weight and gestation? I want to get out of hospital ASAP unless there's other problems obviously. Can I refuse to stay in scbu just because of the weight issue? My plan for feeding is to persist with bf, lots of skin to skin, use nipple shields if necessary, top up each feed with formula (syringe it in) until my milk comes in properly. It came straight away with dd1 but took 7 days with dd2! Does this sound reasonable, will they take my views/ third time around status into account at all if the only issues are weight and maybe some jaundice?

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