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Pregnancy after prolapse and incontinence repairs

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cardamomginger Fri 19-Aug-11 17:03:35

Hi everyone,
I had DC1 at the end of September last year and sustained bad birth injuries. I need to have an anterior vaginal wall repair, a posterior wall repair, either a colposuspension or a trans-vaginal tape, reattachment of the pelvic floor muscle under the perineum and the entrance to the vagina needs to be rebuilt.
Technically it would be an option to try to have a second child before having these repairs done. But I am completely past breaking point from all of this that I don't think this is something that I could do.
I've seen several specialist gynaes about this. All agree that ELCS is the only option for any second pregnancy post-repair. But I've had conflicting opinions about whether just being pregnant could cause repairs to fail: one says "no, not at all" and the other says "yes, definitely". I suspect it's somewhere in between. Has anyone had these kind of repairs done and then gone on to have another pregnancy? What was it like during the pregnancy? How did the repairs hold up after you had delivered? Would be really grateful for any thoughts.

edwinbear Fri 19-Aug-11 21:02:11

I was left with an anterior and posterior prolapse after a difficult forceps delivery with DS (2 next Friday), I also need surgery. I dithered over it for months, as I wanted another baby and was told the same, that a vaginal birth would be likely to undo the repair and that even the weight of another pregnancy could damage it. I waited and am expecting DC2 in November, and as my gynae advised, actually I'm more comfortable in the pregnancy than I was before as your uterus lifts up and out of the pelvis. Have you discussed a pessary as a short term solution? Sorry I can't be more help, but I felt I had to post as I empathise with you, I really do. It's a horrible, horrible situation to be in.

TrompetteMilitaire Fri 19-Aug-11 21:07:37

Similar story here. Silly registrar tried to talk me into second vaginal birth (!), but ELCS was fine. Pregnancy likewise, though I would definitely have not managed another vaginal delivery. Good luck!

cardamomginger Sat 20-Aug-11 21:37:51

Thanks ladies. And good luck edwin! There's no way I'd have another VB - although GP couldn't see why even after the surgery an ELCS would be preferable. Dozy cow. Don't think a pessary will help - when I had my urodynamic testing they inserted a pessary as part of the test and my incontinence was worse. Looks like the prolapse is helping to keep the urine in a bit. It is a hard hard decision.....

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