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Stomach/bump ache ever since mw examination...

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LoveBeingAtHomeOnMyOwn Fri 19-Aug-11 07:10:18

So a student mw was with my mw yesterday and did the feeling of my bump. She was shall we say quite firm, then said I was 3/5, mw asked if she was sure as was 4/5 when she felt axeeek ago. It felt like shed got her hand right round his head and moving it from side to side.

Anyway this was at 8:30 yesterday, am 37+1 today and I've had uncomfortableness in my bump ever since. Please tell me there is nothing to worry about, that she hasn't kicked of labour and it will go away.

Doesn't help that last night I had my only ever having ge baby dream, am worried about a fast labour anyway but this had me literally giving birth on the bathroom floor on my own sad

Your mw (not the student) should have had a feel if she wasn't sure what the student was saying was right. Don't worry about the 3/5-4/5 thing - mine went from 4/5 three weeks ago to 1/5 then back to 3/5, the baby will settle in.
37 weeks is classed as full term! Anywhere between 37-42 weeks. Are you worried because you don't feel ready? Your dream sounds like a standard anxiety dream about your LO (I keep dreaming mine's a monkey, but I'm a very disturbed individual smile)
If you're concerned, call your mw. That's what she's there for. But I've been having all sorts if wierd pains and cramps for weeks now (am 40+2) - late pregnancy's rubbish. All my exams have felt the same, like they've got their fingers right round the baby's head. If you think the student was a bit rough, give her the feedback, she will appreciate it (honestly).
Good luck lovely! Believe you me, being "overdue" sucks anyway smile

LoveBeingAtHomeOnMyOwn Fri 19-Aug-11 07:55:02

You are right that I don't feel ready. It's dc2 and dh put the crib back together, got the baby bath out etc yesterday. Also the reason they came yesterday was to do my homebirth chat. So quite a full on 'baby is coming day'.

I never had any baby dreams with dd and it completely played on my fear if the speed of labour, was quick last time and I am worried it's going to be very quick this time (the main reason for having a hb) plus my concern that dh won't make it. In my dream he was in the house ffs and still missed it.

You're right of course. Thank you. Am very tired as dd doesn't sleep well.

So, you had a big day yesterday; you're knackered; you're running round after another child; I'm not surprised you're feeling a bit "aaaargh" about it all!
I'm no expert - this is my first - so I apologise if anything I said in my earlier post was patronising to you. But you'll be ok; you've done it once, you'll do it again. How far away will your DH be when you go into labour? You won't be on your own - ring your mw as soon as you feel your first pains. Have you got neighbours/other friend's close by that can be on standby to look after your dd and/or help and support you if your DH gets held up? Have you talked to your mw about how nervous you are about having a quick labour?
There's a thread in Childbirth called "First time home birthers and their support squad." come and join that and have a read through it (I'm having a hb too smile)
And, when your dd's down for her nap today, screw the housework, get your feet up, and have a nap yourself.

LoveBeingAtHomeOnMyOwn Fri 19-Aug-11 09:54:23

Dont worry not at all patronising grin I really appricate your time and kind comments.

Defo need to get to that thread as not very organised about it.

Dh is a driver, but not national/abroad, mum is round the corner and have a friend who will help also.

Gonna take dd out to a play session, unfortunetly no more naps for her as she sleeps even less then. Then try and crack on with my list. Want to get a sheet of instructions for dh printed like who to phone etc, also for me or mum I guess. Got a few things to get from the shops for my bag.

Just need to be more positive and get moving.

SaulGood Fri 19-Aug-11 10:03:00

And don't forget that second babies pop in and out of being engaged. This baby can go from engaged to free in the blink of an eye. It's sport for him.

I've started to find examinations uncomfortable now. Sort of like a bruised type feeling. I suspect manipulating the baby's head to check its position can bang it into either my cervix or bladder and neither one's a party in my distended abdomen tbh.

I think you're just getting near the end and it's starting to feel real and decidedly imminent. The dreams are normal. I'm having a pigeon you know. And I have also given birth and not remembered until a week later.

LoveBeingAtHomeOnMyOwn Fri 19-Aug-11 13:55:19

Thanks Saul I think it is partly my anxiety and partly that this pregnancy has been so different from dd in just about every possible way.

Ps congrats on the pigeon grin

CBear6 Fri 19-Aug-11 14:16:52

Pretty much everything everyone else has said.

I think everything is so stretched now that any palpitation of the bump leaves me feeling tender afterwards, like twanging an elastic band and it taking a little while for it to stop quivering smile

I'm 37w on Sunday and at my MW appointment this week she wasn't sure where the head was so she pressed and squeezed and jiggled for ages, told me she could feel each end but wasn't sure which was the head and which was the bum. That was Wednesday and around the bottom of my bump still feels bruised. Baby is well protected in there with lots of amniotic fluid plus your abdominal wall and the wall of your womb protecting him/her, so long as you're feeling regular movements, etc then you're good. As for the twinges, they're normal at this point as everything starts to get ready, 37 weeks is the "could happen any time now" stage, I've been getting them myself.

The dreams are normal too. With DS I used to have graphic dreams about accidentally dropping him from various heights onto various surfaces and about baby snatchers coming to steal him. This time around I've dreamed about a baby with no head, DS getting jealous and running away, something awful happening to DS because I'm so busy with the baby, and the good old dropping of the baby/baby snatcher dreams are back too. It's just anxieties , they come out in funny ways.

Good luck for the next few weeks, you're almost there. Scary, I know, but you'll do brilliantly smile

LoveBeingAtHomeOnMyOwn Fri 19-Aug-11 15:26:33

Thanks cbear6 bit doesn't quite as bad today, maybe I've just been so used to my mw who looked after me with dd?

Anyway, gonna get everything knocked off the list today and tomorrow (hopefully) and then just focus on rest grin

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