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33 wks - grumpy, anxious and uncomfortable.....bleurgh......

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lovemysleep Thu 18-Aug-11 15:09:42

Sorry to moan, but am having a bad day!

I'm 33 wks, and uncomfortable today - feel like the babies head is rammed right down in my pelvis, and I've been having twinges there, and up my bump all day.

It's making me anxious that this one is going to try and make an early appearance.....

Have had to have two naps, my fingers are sore (think it's a bit of carpal tunnel), and I know that there's stuff I need to be doing, but I have zero energy. I have had an excellent pg so far, and am so grateful to be pg - but I'm not myself at all.

Thank God DD is at playscheme today smile.

I bet some of you feel the same too - come and have a whinge with me, or maybe make me smile with some of the indignities of pg.

MumToSophie Thu 18-Aug-11 19:15:19

Aww you have my sympathies. I was like this at the start of the week too. I was feeeling so tired I just wanted to sleep all the time, had no energy and felt so uncomfortable. I also felt really guilty as I have an almost 2 year old dd and I felt like I couldn't give her all the attention I wanted to but today I feel so much better.

I'll be 37 weeks on Sunday and last night I had these period like pains in my lower tummy and back, I ended up panicking thinking I was going in to labour. God knows how I'll be when it's the real thing, I'm starting to get scared now!!

Hope you feel a bit better soon, just nap whenever you get the chance and get your feet up smile

lovemysleep Thu 18-Aug-11 20:36:53

Glad to hear that you're feeling better - coping with a toddler must be hard work.

Not long for you now - bet you can't wait! Well, apart from the labour bit grin....I can't wait to meet mine, although am getting more anxious about the big change!

PrincessScrumpy Thu 18-Aug-11 20:43:24

sending lots of sympathy. I'm 35w pg with twins - at 33w and 34w I felt terrible, still tired now but much better. Caring for a dc (dd1 is 3.5) is exhausting - you don't appreciate it when pg with your 1st!.

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