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Killer back ache - any tips?

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CrazyAlien06 Thu 18-Aug-11 14:23:35

I'm 33+ 4 and suffering badly from back ache. I can't sit on a sofa at all unless laying down, have to keep walking around or lay on my bed.

Anyone got any tips to help? I've got a ball which I shall try in a bit after I've had a few mins lay down on the bed!

This combined with heartburn is really starting to get to me :-(
Not wanted to take painkillers unless I know any are safe for me to take

okiecokie Thu 18-Aug-11 14:27:36

I had major back pain from 19 weeks which lasted until the baby was born. I did yoga which helped and I did take paracetemol. I also was unable to sit for long periods on the sofa so used to sit on my ball a lot.

CrazyAlien06 Thu 18-Aug-11 14:34:02

Ive not found a yoga class near me sad but do go to antenatal swimming class every week which helps. I think I'll have to take some paracetemol rather than crying in pain! Thing is paracetemol has never worked as a painkiller for me have to take nurofen stuff but of course that's on the banned list! Boooo

Thanks for the quick reply, sorry to hear you suffered for so long.luckily it's only just started for me

MissusTulip Thu 18-Aug-11 16:40:05

oh dear, back pain sucks! Have you tried a heat pack? Either a hot water bottle or one of the pads that you can stick on? I like the ones that come as a pack held on with a belt, as sticky plaster and me are not friends! And the last day I tried one, it fell off in the post office blush luckily I caught it before it slipped out from under my top...

If paracetamol no good, maybe try some otc cocodamol? It should be safe enough til last couple of weeks. Also may be worth getting GP to check you out to make sure no kidney infection, which can give you killer back pain. Osteo might be helpful? And OH needs to be conscripted to give lots of massages wink

Pippaandpolly Thu 18-Aug-11 16:50:19

If you haven't taken paracetamol for a while you might find it works now - I found in the past that because I took it quite frequently for headaches, it stopped working (or seemed to), so I had to take other painkillers and stopped taking it. Because while pregnant I have not used them very often at all (thankfully fewer headaches, plus paranoia about taking them!) when I have done they've been surprisingly effective. That said, I don't know whether there's any science behind this or whether it's just coincidence/luck!

I share your back pain - have found the only thing that really works is a warm bath followed by light touch massage, but the relief only lasts as long as the bath/massage to be honest.

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