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33+4 chest/rib pain :-(

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GroovyRach Thu 18-Aug-11 12:44:48

Hello, wondered if anyone can advise.. Ive been having a terrible ache/discomfort right in centre of my chest, right under ribs since Sunday. Sunday I experienced my first proper braxton hick but it was away by Monday but this chest pain has stuck around. Got to point last night I felt like I could cry. Trying to move around in bed was awful. I called midwife this morning who said it's prob just heartburn. Iv been suffering from acid reflux but this us a whole new pain! She told me if it's not gone by tomorrow to try get an app with my gp. I need to go pick up iron tablets shortly so may ask chemist. Just wondered if anyone here can relate to my pain?! I'm ready fir this to be over now!! Thank you!

Sandra2011 Thu 18-Aug-11 14:14:59

Could it be because your rib cage is moving as your baby is growing?

Mine was quite bad but it was around 25wks.

GroovyRach Thu 18-Aug-11 15:37:24

It feels like my whole upper body is being crushed! I spoke with chemist, she gave me big bottle to help with heartburn but advised that if it's not gone in few days to try see gp. I'll give it a go! Tastes vile tho, bleugh!!

belgo Thu 18-Aug-11 15:38:38

You should see your GP/midwife today to get your blood pressure checked . Chest pain can be a sign of pre eclampsia.

GroovyRach Thu 18-Aug-11 16:26:14

I seen my midwife on tue and urine was clear, and bp fine. I was worried that it could be PE. I'll def phone my doc tomorrow and get an app to be checked out. Thanks ladies grin

pamplemousserose Thu 18-Aug-11 16:31:36

You should get your bp checked again, pre eclampsia can come on suddenly

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