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PPROM Plus Placentra At Anterior

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Tracyandy Thu 18-Aug-11 10:03:39

Hi My Partner really needs some straight forward answers, Really hope someone can help.

I'm 20+3 days at my 20 week scan I was told that the baby has not got a lot of fluid so sent to fetal treatment center to be told that I have severe Oligohydramnios with AFI 3.4cm with placentra at the anterior position covering the os. We have been told that as I had a lot of bleeding at 6 weeks, then 13 weeks then at 16 weeks I have ruptured membranes, I have also been told there is significant risk of small or underdeveloped lungs, the risk of fetal loss/perinatal mortality to be 90-95%, the risk of preterm birth will most likely result in cerebral palsy and cronic lung disease. We have been advised to either take the conservitive route with close monitoring for infection (I must also say at this point I was tested positive in May with strep b) and repeat scans, Problem with this is they cannot tell us weather or not the baby will survive all they have said is that the chances of resus is slim to 0, Or we could have a termination, At the risk of sounding selfish I have had Placentra previa with my daughter (shes now 5 but was touch an go at birth) and had to have a c section, this I really don't want to reapet when there will be no baby, if I knew 100% that my baby will not survive then we don't have a choice to what we should do but as it is there is a 5% chance i really don't no what to do and where to go from here. I don't no what or even if there is anything I can do to help this baby. The baby is growing at the normal rate, brain heart an all are totally fine!!!!!!! Were so confussed an really don't no what to do.

I must also add that i'm disabled myself an again without sounding too selfish I wont be able to look after a disabled baby which makes this even harder.

We just need facts as honest an upsetting as they are this is what we need I hope someone out there can help sad

MissRee Thu 18-Aug-11 11:55:47

I can't offer you any advice I'm afraid but just wanted to offer my heartfelt sympathy at tge situation you are faced with. A dear friend of mine had a termination at 21 weeks following her 20 week scan as baby had very severe spina bifida and they made the very tough decision to terminate. They now have a healthy, beautiful 3-year old and another on the way.

Whatever you decide, do what is right for you and your partner.

Best wishes x

Tracyandy Fri 19-Aug-11 09:23:04

Thanks for your message, I am at the stage now where to terminate is going to be the best thing for the baby and myself, but my partner is holding onto the 5% chance baby has got which is really hard for me as the longer we leave it the the more dangerous it will be for me, he's just not getting that part.

It's good to no your friend is ok now I no what she went through making that decision it's tough

All my best


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