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HElP!!!! I dont feel pregnant anymore!!!!

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Li11 Thu 18-Aug-11 08:31:40

I am 13 weeks pregnant (my scan is next week) and suddenly my symptons dissappeared!

I had sore breasts from the second i conceived (slight exageration) and they grew huge (no exageration.....) the sickness kicked in quite soon after that too and has continued since......up until 3 days ago.

I know the sickness should be passing by now although with my other two children it continued throughout my pregnancy. But my breasts are shrinking back to their normal size and arent sore anymore.

I had a scan at 6 weeks due to a bit of bleeding and there was a fetal heartbeat. So i know it was there and everything was ok at that time. I dont know how im going to get to next Wednesday to find out what is going on sad.

I have had quite stressful pregnancy due to a rocky relationship and i am hoping it hasnt finally taken its toll.

Please HELP! has anyone else experienced this?

danio7 Thu 18-Aug-11 08:36:23

yes yes yes! please do not worry mine did that all the time.
My symtoms used to turn off and on like a lightswitch and even though I hated the sickness I used to wish it back everytime it went because it was clarification.

I know it is much easier said that done but try not to focus on it too much and see what happens Wednesday 99% of the time you will worry yourself uneccesarily- I know I did!

39 weeks today, no doubt you will be here again soon! smile

Li11 Thu 18-Aug-11 09:43:37

Thankyou sooooo much!

I have been off work for 5 weeks (holiday) and i think i maybe focussing on it- perhaps i need to get busy!

Youve made me feel a whole lot better! smile

GwendolineMaryLacey Thu 18-Aug-11 09:49:44

Totally normal smile You feel like crap for ages and then wake up one morning and feel your usual self. It's really odd and made me feel like I'd imagined it all!

MsChanandlerBong Thu 18-Aug-11 09:53:43

Another one here! I had just got to the point where I was thinking "I just want to feel normal" after c13 weeks of feeling absolutely rubbish, when bam the symptoms disappeared causing me to panic massively.

It was short lived, I felt rubbish again about a day later. Much to my great relief!!

Good luck with your scan next week.

Squiglettsmummy2bx Thu 18-Aug-11 09:56:42

Don't panic, at 12 weeks everything started to ease off then at 13 I got new symptoms of trapped wind & heartburn. 14 weeks yesterday & have now got painful arm (carpal tunnel?) & just chucked up again, exorcist style!!!
Enjoy the days you feel good because they may be few & far between but all worth it for the bubba at the end xxx

dietcokenoice Thu 18-Aug-11 10:17:05

try not to panic, nausea tends to start easing off after 12 weeks,if your lucky! also,even though its hard, try not to compare what happend with you last pregnancies, every pregnancy is different. i think we are crackers, we constantly moan about feeling sick, and then if it stops we worry ourselves sick! the very best of luck for your scan x

bmm39 Thu 18-Aug-11 10:19:04

I am 13 weeks pregnant and from week 11 I have felt normal again. My breasts don't hurt like they did before and my sickness has gone. Don't worry. x

TeacupTempest Thu 18-Aug-11 10:21:23

Don't panic I felt the same around that time. No sickness any more (came back), no soreness, no bump yet. I am now 23 weeks smile

harassedandherbug Thu 18-Aug-11 11:23:36

The placenta will have pretty much taken over now, hence the loss of symptoms. Make the most of it!

Li11 Thu 18-Aug-11 14:17:01

thansk everyone! i feel much better x

lolajane2009 Thu 18-Aug-11 14:54:28

totally normal. I had this about same time and went in and apologised to sonographer at scan for wasting time. Now 35 + 6 pregnant.

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