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long haul flight, 6 months along

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nightowlmostly Thu 18-Aug-11 00:12:03

Have just found out I'm 4 weeks pregnant grin which is brilliant, but I have a trip booked to Thailand in January, I'll be 6 months. I do really want to go but am not sure if I'll want to at the time, does anyone have any experience in travelling when they are that far along? Initially I thought, at least I'll be over the sickness, and not too big yet, so it'll be ok, but anyone with an insight please tell me how it is really!

Thanks all

exexpat Thu 18-Aug-11 00:20:23

Six months should be fine, unless you get hit with any particular pregnancy difficulties with pelvic ligaments etc. I was living abroad when I had both DCs and made trips back to the UK (12 hour flight) at around 7 months both times, with no problems.

You'll probably need a doctor's note to fly (check with the airline), check out advice on avoiding DVT (slightly raised risk in pregnancy, so particularly important to keep moving around during the flight), and make sure you've got good travel insurance. But I'd say it's a good opportunity to enjoy a holiday before it all kicks off (if this is your first one, that is).

nightowlmostly Thu 18-Aug-11 00:40:46

Thanks, it is our first and I'm looking forward to a relaxing holiday before it all kicks off! Hopefully everything will be straightforward and I'll feel up for it!

kri5ty Thu 18-Aug-11 07:40:31

have you checked with the airline that you are allowed to fly hun? Many are after 36 weeks, but i know some airlines will not carry you earlier than this... just give them a ring and double check grin

MissRee Thu 18-Aug-11 09:40:53

I'm flying to Florida at 26 weeks and returning at 28 weeks grin have to get a doctors note to say I'm safe to fly (£25 bloody rip off!!!!) but otherwise massively looking forward to it!

Check with your airline tho - mine doesn't allow you to fly at all after 32 weeks.

Have a good trip!

Ria x

Fresh01 Thu 18-Aug-11 12:59:37

Yes I did it between 27 and 29 weeks with my first, we were living in Australia and my sister was getting married in the UK. 23 hours flying time and 30 hours travel time overall. It was fine. I had to carry a note from my GP to say I was fit to fly but amusingly the only people to ask to see it were the domestic 1 hour flight within the UK!

My OB told me to drink lots of water, wear the flight socks and to move around regularly - not an issue as all the water meant I kept needing the loo! Once the airline staff in my section realised why I kept asking for bottles of water, they are small bottles on long haul, they just started giving me one as they were passing through which was lovely of them.

The only thing I did different to normal was I didn't push through the jet lag as I would have normally, if I was tired I would have a lie down.

Size wise you will be fine, I am currently 22 weeks with no. 4 and did a 2.5 hour flight to France last week. Only uncomfortable bit was the wriggling 19 month old on my knee who liked straightening his legs against the seat in front and pushing back on my tummy!

Just watch where you eat in Thailand, busy places with hot food probably safest. Also I would check but I am fairly sure you would be better to drink bottled water over there.

Enjoy your trip.

GemmaReeto Thu 18-Aug-11 13:23:50

Im 6 months now and have had a good pregnancy so far. I would say the only thing that would annoy me about travelling anywhere at the moment is needing to pee alot! If its going to be a relaxing holiday then it will be fine but if you are going to be doing a lot of sightseeing or walking about then maybe consider this as I always need to pee more when walking around so Im constantly on the look out for the loo! Its just something to consider really as you may be blessed with a better bladder than mine.

Congrats and I hope you have a good pregnancy and get to enjoy your holiday smile

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