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Early miscarriage

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Maggieny Wed 17-Aug-11 20:01:08

Hi ladies

I miscarried really early last year with my second pregnancy (we have an amazing 3 year old). Yesterday we found out I am pregnant again and SO excited - however I am terrified of loosing this pregnancy...

My period is due tomorrow and I feel like I am having really bad period pains...all the time, good news is boobs are sore and I have been feeling ropey on and off for a week or so...but stll the cramps are freaking me out.

Anyone else out there feeling anxious and any advice so I can try to relax and get through the next 8 weeks without melting down?!

Thanks xox

outthere Wed 17-Aug-11 20:41:52

Hiya, I'm afraid I don't have any helpful advice but didn't want your post to go unanswered... I've had repeated early miscarriages in the past and so I know how you feel!

Try and keep in mind that, since you have your lovely 3 year old, it MUST be possible that this baby will be absolutely fine smile.

Glad you're feeling ropey! grin

outthere Wed 17-Aug-11 20:42:35

Hmmmm, maybe I should change "must be possible" for "highly likey!"


Maggieny Wed 17-Aug-11 20:43:13


Never been so pleased to feel rubbish with big sore boobs!!

mahaliha Wed 17-Aug-11 21:08:57

Congratualtions on your pregnancy!

If it's any consolation, I experienced period-like cramps for the first few weeks, felt like AF was about to arrive any minute (it never did though smile). I read they can be caused by the embryo burrowing into the uterus and the uterus stretching and growing to accomodate the embryo.

I had 2 miscarriages following DC2. When I became pregnant again I couldn't help but be anxious. Seeing the heartbeat on a scan at 8 weeks was reassuring, would you be able to go for an early scan? Things got easier after 12 weeks, and better still after I felt the baby move. We also went on holiday when I was 6 weeks - it helped the time go faster!

Good luck, the first 12 weeks are so hard, but you're already 4 weeks down and I hope the next 8 weeks go quickly for you.

IssyStark Wed 17-Aug-11 22:23:55

Congrats, first off.

I've had 7 miscarriages (two before ds and the rest after, am now 23w). There's no easy way except to try and embrace morning sickness, when it comes, as a sign that all is well.

Because I tended to have missed miscarriages, with the baby dying at 7-8w but the m/c not happening until 10-12w, I ussed to pay for a private 'dating' scan at 9w for reassurance. If there's a baby at 9w1d then the m/c rate drops to the same as in the second trimester. It meant I knew just that little bit sooner.

bigmacandhappymeal Thu 18-Aug-11 08:55:08

hi maggie congratulations!

Completely understand - I got my second BFP after miscarrying at 9 weeks in Jan. I'm now 25 weeks pg and still can't quite believe it!

There is a great thread in the conception section called the freak out room for those of us who get a BFP after miscarriage... full of lovely ladies who are all in the same boat so it's very supportive. There's also a grads thread which tends to house those from the freak out room who've hit the 20 week scan stage. I'd highly recommend it...

wishing you a smooth pregnancy

Maggieny Thu 18-Aug-11 19:22:26

thanks guys!

Wierd day - i'm so aware of how I feel I am not sure if i still feel sick or not!!!
Thinking about this all way too much....

Great idea about the early scan, will check it out!

Will let you all know how I am getting on - thanks for the encouraging words


Maggieny Thu 25-Aug-11 18:32:48

started bleeding today... whilst not heavy will more then likely turn into a miscarriage

Fark it - so upset and disappointed

Squiglettsmummy2bx Thu 25-Aug-11 19:12:47

So sorry sad hope you are wrong & all turns out ok
Hugs x

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