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So fed up with morning sickness

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cupcakeandtea Wed 17-Aug-11 15:15:15

I know I’m probably sounding overdramatic but I really am at my wits end with awful morning sickness.

I’m 8+4 days and this is my second pregnancy. With my DS I had mild ms and was knackered but this pregnancy has knocked me for six. Last week I was so ill I couldn’t go into work and I’ve been prescribed Prochlorperazine, which is helping with the nausea but makes me very sleepy.

I know I shouldn’t complain because I’m lucky to be pregnant but everything revolves around my sickness at the moment. Everything smells awful – even my duvet cover which is freshly washed but smells of noodles to me and I’ve got no energy to do anything. I get home from work, collapse on the sofa, just about manage to get my DS to bed and that’s it.

Last time the sickness tailed off around nine weeks but I’m terrified this is going to go on and on. I feel guilty for feeling so ungrateful and I just want this sickness and tiredness to stop.

Sorry for the whingeing!

SandyChick Wed 17-Aug-11 15:44:10

It's ok to have a whinge smile

I had really bad ms with ds (who is now 4). I was being sick all of the time so was giving anti sickness tablets at around 9 weeks. They stopped the sickness but i still had the nausea and tiredness. I was off work from around 6 weeks til 14 weeks because I just felt awful. It was really debilitating. From 14 weeks I felt almost human again but had to keep taking anti sickness meds til around 20 weeks.

I'm 6 weeks pregnant with no 2. The ms started about a week ago but haven't actually been sick just nauseous. I'm finding I need to eat constantly blush loads of soup and cereal bars. I'm hoping this is the worst I'm going to get this time. I don't think I'd manage the rest of the school hols if it got worse. I'm already dreading the school run sad

Cutelittlecatlover Wed 17-Aug-11 16:40:04

Oh you poor thing sad . I'm 6 + 5 and suffering so much worse than last time. I totally understand what you mean about things smelling bad too, I haven't been able to set foot in my kitchen for the last week without retching because it stinks in there but no one else can smell it!

I bought some accupressure bands today which seem to have taken the edge off, its not fun having a toddler climbing on you when you're feeling sick!

I hope you're feeling better soon

Beckate Wed 17-Aug-11 18:52:45

Hi, I can understand how you all feel, I'm 13 weeks and still feeling sick pretty much all the time throughout the day, I notice it more when I'm not busy but particularly in the morning and about 6pm. It's more gagging than actual vomiting but it really makes me tired and down in the dumps. No suggestions have worked like ginger biscuits and would love to know the cure! x

kelly2000 Wed 17-Aug-11 20:11:03

I am eleven weeks with my first and have had ms of varying degrees right from the beginning (three weeks from last period!). The last few weeks have been horrendous, and I have been away from work. It is not just the being sick, but all the side effects of being sick -dehydration, headaches, tiredness, feeling hungry, chest pains, palpitations, really bad indigestion etc Its made me miserable, and I have ended up crying at the doctors, as I feel so incapable - I imagined I would be swimming, and eating realy healthy food all the time instead I am lying on the sofa all the time, happy to eat junk if it stays down as hardly anything has stayed down (I love innocent smoothies for instance, but cannot stand them now)
However the last couple of days I have began to feel a bit better, still feel sick, but somehow more manageable. This is going to sound mad, but I found having really lean grilled bacon sandwich or toasties helped. I think it might be because of the salt content, which has helped me retain water and become less dehydrated. I have also been listening to this mornignwell CD, although I am not sure if that has helped. It may be a coincidence, but am now refusing to eat anything but bacon for dinner.

cupcakeandtea Thu 18-Aug-11 08:27:32

Last night I felt well enough to fold some washing but all I can eat at the moment is bagels!

Feeling permanently sick is a truly awful feeling and I'm sick of people saying 'ooh have you tried ginger biscuits'! I am never eating anything remotely ginger again after this pregnancy. Even looking at my old maternity clothes makes me want to heave because I associate everthing pregnancy related with feeling sick. So pathetic!

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