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sleeping positions

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friedrice Wed 17-Aug-11 11:04:37

I'm 14 weeks pregnant with first baby and starting to turn myself into an insomniac worrying about sleeping positions.

I've always always gone to sleep on my tummy, but that's already a little uncomfy and I worry about squashing the little one (rational? irrational?). So, I'm trying to sleep on my side but I really can't fall asleep. I can fall asleep on my back, but I know that it's not a great idea and I panic when I wake up on my back (4 times a night or more).

I'm trying the pillow between the knees thing which is quite comfortable, but a pillow behind my back doesn't prevent me from rolling over and I get hot!

Any advice? I'd dearly love to sleep through the night before the kicking and the rest begins.


bagelmonkey Wed 17-Aug-11 11:06:32

I've always slept flat on my back. I created a ramp of pillows to prop me up to about 45 degrees and used a V shaped pillow to sit between.

jcgo Wed 17-Aug-11 11:50:37

I'm a tummy sleeper too! I'm 37 weeks pregnant and the 2 things I am most looking forward to after having the baby is eating pate and being able to sleep on my tummy again!!! When I was at your stage I propped one knee up on a pillow or two and slept kind of semi on my side, semi o my belly. This gradually got me used to sleeping on my side. Although I still have nights when I can't sleep and feel lie crying because I know if I could just lie on my belly I'd be fast asleep in a flash sad
With sleeping on your back they reckon you will realise and move long before any harm in done so don't panic about that too much.
Good luck - hope you are soon sleeping well!

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