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Toothache or sinus?

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SusieQ73 Wed 17-Aug-11 09:51:36

I'm 20 weeks and am suffering with severe toothache but in all my teeth at various times. The pain also extends up under my eye sockets. I've seen the dentist and he said I don't need fillings and that it may be nerve related. Next stop is my GP to ask re sinus problems. I've read that I can take co-codamol but not ibuprofen but obviously this can't go on long term. Anyone else suffering with this?

Jezzabell Wed 17-Aug-11 10:43:24

I used to suffer from sinus problems and the way to tell if it is sinus related is to lean forward and put your head down, if the pain feels worse it is definately your sinus. It sounds to me like it is. Have you tried putting your head over a bowl of steam with something like olbas oil. If you see the doc they may be able to prescribe a nasal spray to help releive the inflamation. Good luck, I sympathise I know how horrible sinus pain can be and I wasn't preganant when I had it!

SusieQ73 Thu 18-Aug-11 15:44:14

Thanks - I think it is Sinus based on what you said. Off to the doctor.Can't sleep with the pain sad

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