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GD and oral medication

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mint123 Tue 16-Aug-11 17:28:53

Hi ladies,

English is not my first language so please forgive me for any spelling or grammar mistake...

I would like to ask what was your highest reading when you was put on oral medication. I started to do a low carbohydrate diet about a week ago and since I had about 4 high readings (8.6, 8,2, 8,1, 8.5) after breakfast. Today I went to see the doctors and they wanted to put me on medication. I don't feel my levels were too bad especially I just started this diet and still discovering what I can and can't eat.I have to check my blood sugar levels 7times a day so out of about 40, 4 high reading is not too bad in my opinion. Anyway I refused the medicine because I want to try to control it with diet only. What is your opinion?
Also I read on the internet oral medication is not really tested yet so they don't really know if it has any effect on the baby. It most likely fine but not 100%.

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