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Just found out I am pregnant but worried...

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FannyAnnPam Tue 16-Aug-11 13:52:59


I am sitting here waiting for my wretched GP to call me (he was supposed to call after surgery at 11.30) and I am trying to stay calm reading other posts here.

I have had diarrhoea and cystitis on and off for the last week and bloating and pain in my abdomen (mainly on the left side low down) for the last few days.

I went to the Drs last night and he examined me and I was very sore lower left and under my ribs so he ordered a scan of my abdomen and gall bladder.

Today I took a preg test (well two because the first was out of date!) and both show BFP. I am now really worried whether it is an ectopic pregnancy. I called the surgery first thing and explained and Mr GP is meant to be calling back, but so far nothing.

Arrrrghhhhh the NHS is so slow angry

IssyStark Tue 16-Aug-11 14:27:15

You could try phoning NHS Direct - they will at least triage you and help get an emergency appt if necessary.

somewherewest Tue 16-Aug-11 14:31:49

Not much I can add except to say that I hope you see someone soon and everything turns out ok.

FannyAnnPam Tue 16-Aug-11 15:21:03

Well the Dr finally called - 3.5 hours late- but he seems quite unconcerned. He said it was a little early to be signs of an ectopic but will book me in for a scan just to be sure.

I am trying to stay positive, with DS I had a persistent water infection and all turned out OK (eventually) although they did give me drugs not recommended for preggers ladies last time.

So all being well, I am optimistically saying I am due on 25 April 2012!

FannyAnnPam Wed 17-Aug-11 12:20:24

Scan appointment booked for tomorrow morning, fingers crossed everything is OK.

Ju1es22 Wed 17-Aug-11 19:45:57

Good luck hun!

I'm 5 weeks today and going for an early scan tomorrow to rule out eptopic too as i've been having cramping and a small amount of brown spotting.

Fingers crossed for us both

Crosshair Wed 17-Aug-11 20:09:15

Good luck with your scans. smile

Ju1es22 Mon 22-Aug-11 11:50:17

Hey FannyAnnPam

How'd you get on?

Couldn't see anthing on my scan (only just 5 weeks when I had it) but had bloods over the weekend and my hcg was doubling (well went up by 85% between Thursday and Saturday)

Got a scan next week to check again got my fingers crossed for a little blob with heartbeat!

I'm off work sick today as had a little more spotting this morning, really stressing out!


kri5ty Mon 22-Aug-11 12:26:09

are you having shoulder tip pain at all?

How far will you be? I only ask as the hospital told me nott o worry too much as i wasnt experiencing shoulder tip pain, and at 5 weeks i was prob too early to get pain from an ectopic

I had very bad pains and went to the docs as i didnt know what was wrong, the gp told me to do a test and if it was positive go to A&E with suspected ectopic

I had no other symtoms other than the pain

The hospital took my blood, and i had to keep going back until the hormones was over 1000, then they did a scan and found out that it wasnt ectopic, i then went back for 2 other scans to check the pregnancy was developing.

The pain turned out to be a cyst that grows over the ovary to protect the developing egg

Fingers corssed for you hun smile

Ju1es22 Mon 22-Aug-11 13:06:59

No shoulder tip pain for me! They don't think its eptopic because I would have had worse bleeding and pain aparently, and my hormone levels have nearly doubled they said thats a good sign, they advised if they stayed the same or diped thery'd be something wrong?! Still only low Saturday my levels were 456 at just over 5 weeks which I know everybody's different!

I'm approx 5+4! Had no spotting over the weekend or real pain just felt a bit crampy and uncomfortable which i've been told is normal! Just this morning a small amount of pink/red blood when i wiped thought it best I come home and rest just in case!

Think i'm just freaking out because of 4 previous mc's in past 2 years! Got to wait till next Thursday now for another scan! Did everything go ok for you?

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