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First scan

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mummylila Tue 16-Aug-11 10:53:45

Hiya guys!

I was just wondering when you had your first scan?

This is my first baby so i haven't got a clue about anything, i've always thought you have it at roughly 12 weeks but i've noticed quite a few posts on here where they've been earlier!!

I only found out i'm expecting last week, i'm pretty sure i'm 5 weeks now, i've got a midwife appt on Monday, i felt nothing last week but my god i do now i slept for 11 hours last night and i'm still shattered and my boobs are killing today!

nunnie Tue 16-Aug-11 10:56:00

It's usally around the 12 week mark, unless there is a reason for an earlier scan.

mummylila Tue 16-Aug-11 11:11:16

I thought so, arrrr it's so long to wait i just want to see him/her now lol

nunnie Tue 16-Aug-11 11:13:06

It is a long wait. Try and keep yourself busy and focus on other things and it will come round soon. Not sure if they have one on here but might be worth looking to see if there is a 12 week wait thread where people support each other through the wait. If you can't find one maybe start one.

Crosshair Tue 16-Aug-11 11:22:07

Mines was 13 weeks, after about week 8 everything seem to speed up. Cant believe Im nearly at my 20 week scan, time has passed very quickly.

mummylila Tue 16-Aug-11 12:05:29

That's good to know Crosshair, i feel like i found out weeks ago and it was only 6 days, it's hard not telling everyone either i just want to shout it from the rooftops!

somewherewest Tue 16-Aug-11 14:37:38

If its making you anxious an early private scan can be reasonably affordable*. I looked into it when I was going through the standard "Is there actually a baby there!!??" first pregnancy phase and found a company in Reading that would do any early dating scan from 6 weeks at £105. I didn't go for it in the end, but I can understand the urge to put your mind at ease.

*I know 'affordable' is a very relative term!

lolajane2009 Tue 16-Aug-11 14:38:28

I had mine at 11 + 5.

Biscuitsandtea Tue 16-Aug-11 14:50:09

Somewherewest is right - the prices vary too. I guess it depends on where you live. I bet in London they are more expensive but I've been looking round the East Midlands and they range from about £75 to £100 ish. We're having one tomorrow (8 weeks by LMP dates) for £75 in Nottingham - eeek!

Biscuitsandtea Tue 16-Aug-11 14:59:14

Oh, I meant to say as well, I think the reason that so many people seem to have them earlier than 12 weeks is because of some concern or another. Sometimes it is just a need for reassurance that 'there is something there', or there may be specific reasons related to previous pgs or m/cs etc. For me it is because I had a m/c with my first pg and am going out of my mind waiting to know if there is anything happening or not. A lot of private clinics call them reassurance scans which proves the point. Some people have early scans at their local hospital through the NHS (at the Early Pregnancy Unit or similar name - EPU) but these are normally given when there is either increased risk due to history or something like bleeding or something to give particular concern.

So, assuming you don't have anything like bleeding or anything (fingers crossed of course) and you're just going the normal complete paranoia that most of us first trimester people are going through, you probably wouldn't get far with the NHS for an early scan so it would be likely to be private or wait until 12 weeks.

Hope that helps. And good luck smile

IssyStark Tue 16-Aug-11 15:10:37

12 weeks is normal for the NHS unless you have had problems such as bleeding and/or a history of recurrent miscarriage.

I'm 23w on preg #10 (have one ds) and since preg #3 have usually had scans at 9 weeks or frequently earlier either because of bleeding or because I've been under the care of the Recurrent Miscarriage Clinic.

Believe me, you don't want to have a reason to have early scans!

Biscuitsandtea Tue 16-Aug-11 15:37:23

Much more succinctly put Issy smile

Hope you have a good pg this time and sorry to hear of your previous losses. Fingers crossed for you this time. xx

mummylila Tue 16-Aug-11 16:55:57

Thank you ladies you're all very helpful x

BeyondTheLimitsOfAcceptability Tue 16-Aug-11 19:35:01

5 weeks puts you due in April? (I'm just coming up to 6w)

We have a preg thread:
April 2012 babies
come over if you want? smile x

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