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2-3 hr discharge from hospital

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dribbleface Tue 16-Aug-11 09:00:51

Hi, DC 2 on the way (due Oct). Have downloaded the birthing units DVD thingy as they don't do antenatel classes for second time mums or tours any more. I had DS at a different hospital.

Anyhow it says that you will be discharged from hospital 2-3 hrs after giving birth all being well. I was in overnight with DS as poor feeder. I'm actually really scared about going home that quick (not sure why, guess it's because last time i had barely got my breath back after 2 hrs!)

Also shall i pack to small bags then, one with essentials and one in case i stay in overnight, seems silly to pack the recommended items if i'm gonna be out that quick.

Can you tell i'm having second time jitters!

thesortinghat Tue 16-Aug-11 09:14:32

2-3 hrs seems a bit mean, I had barely had time to recover and get washed in that time, never mind being prepared for home. Our local hospital has a 6 hour discharge time which I was prepared for second time round though still packed an overnight bag.

As it turns out we had other problems which resulted in me needing to leave hospital after 4 hours, thankfully the labour was straight forward and I was well enough to do so but still quite shaky and very tired. I would pack for either eventuality but don't leave hospital until you feel well enough and your confident with the feeding.

SoBroken Tue 16-Aug-11 09:16:48

I'm scared about this too, especially after my sister got released (with her first) after six hours despite not being at all ready. As a consequence, she hated her first weeks of being a mum, she'd had such an easy pregnancy and birth it was like someone had just handed her a baby!

I had five days in two different hospitals with my first, and it was a good job, because I became seriously anaemic and would never have picked it up if I'd been at home.

Also very worried about DH having to go back to work (he's self employed) and being on my own at home with a newborn and a 3yr old limping about with stitches etc.

Seems to me most people would like to get home asap, but not me! I think it's easier to have visitors in hospital than have to make cups of tea/wash up etc at home.

dribbleface Tue 16-Aug-11 09:21:58

Just re-watched it and it does say you can request to transfer to the other hospital (bit of a trek though) if you feel you need to and only if a bed available. There is a post natal ward at the hospital for those that give birth on the labour ward rather han midwife unit - you don't get to choose, depends on need. As it happend have low platelets again so they may make me go on this bit anyway.

Oh well, guess if they chuck me out after 3 hrs i will go home to bed, and not accept visitors till the next day like last time!

Cattleprod Tue 16-Aug-11 09:25:33

I think it's irresponsible to send women home so quickly. DS developed jaundice at about 2 days old and needed phototherapy in an incubator and a course of antibiotics administered by scbu. If we hadn't still been in hospital because I was unable to stand up without fainting, I don't know what would have happened about his treatment. I might have had to leave him at hospital overnight on his own, which would have been traumatic, and would probably have buggered up bf.

dribbleface Tue 16-Aug-11 09:28:31

Cattleprod - they say a community midwife visits you the same day, although last time their visits were hit and miss. Think i will chat to my midwife when i next see her.

SaulGood Tue 16-Aug-11 09:29:59

I was pushed out the door at 12hrs post emcs as they needed the bed. DD hadn't fed and my catheter was still in as they signed the discharge papers. Of course then the fact that I was home meant that I was well and ready for visitors apparently. And I was too fragile to say no so it all just meant a downward spiral. I was a mess and it contributed to some not brilliant mental health for a long time afterwards.

I'm due again in a few weeks and this time I will NOT be pushed into anything I'm not ready for and dh is prepped not to let people turn up for hours on end demanding tea and pass the parcel with a very sleepy and jaundiced newborn.

I've been told our hospital aims for 6hrs which is fine if it's a straightforward delivery and you feel ready.

dribbleface Tue 16-Aug-11 09:34:38

Saulgood thats awful.

See 6 hrs i can get my head around if all is well, 3 hrs scares me. On discharge last time i was crying as DS would not feed, not very nice midwife said 'well you have bottles at home don't you?' Will practice being firm!

davidtennantsmistress Tue 16-Aug-11 09:43:48

it scares me as well, i'm due in a week with DS was in 5 days, I needed transfusions the day after he was born plus an IV drip, had i of come home lunch time on the thursday he was born I hate to think what would of happened, esp as I was then discharged on the sat afternoon but they decided DS needed to go into the light box for treatment so we were alowed to stop in together until the monday tea time after the pead had been around on his checks again.

Scared stiff the same thing will happen again, but i'll have been kicked out of the hospital after a few hours.

only thing I can suggest is you talk to your MW, mine is very well aware of my fears & how much I hemoraged etc before with DS, she's said they won't send me home until I'm happy & they are as well, it's a 'lady by lady' basis apparently. tbh i'd be happy with one over night stop just to make sure all is ok not a few hours.

MummyGemx Tue 16-Aug-11 17:06:56

I was home within 3 hours with my first and would have been out that quick with my second if there had not been an influx of women in labour, as I had to wait for someone to discharge me but was more than ready. But I had basically said on my birth plan I wanted to go home as soon as possible and was happy to do so. I was not phased as I had experience with babies and justwanted to be home a relaxed with my little ones. Was the best thing for me and I will be hoping for the same this time too. my cousin had the same experience and was home by tea time after giving birth at lunchtime. I think although it can reassuring to have midwifes around to help get used to looking after baby, for some women who have had straight forward deliveries it can be the best thing for them. It certainly was for me and i was best at home.

I was asked in my birth plan what I wanted so I doubt this would have happened if I had asked to stay in for support and guidance or if I had had complications. Definately talk to midwife and discuss any concerns you may have.

Good luck with babyx

Tenebrist Tue 16-Aug-11 18:05:05

I had both DC in a birthing unit where the standard stay is 2-3 hours post birth - anyone who needs to stay longer generally needs to get to a hospital for medical reasons anyway. I thought going home early was great BUT it was important that I had made that decision myself and felt confident with leaving so early. It's also relevant that this was in Germany, where a midwife comes round every day for the first 10 days to check on the mother and baby and see how the breastfeeding is going. As a result I certainly didn't feel alone and abandoned, and I'm sure I got a lot more relaxation than if I'd been on a busy ward. It also helped us to integrate as a family much better - I remember when the midwife came the day after DD2 was born, I was sitting having breakfast with DD1 and DD2 was sleeping on DH's chest in bed, ie it meant I had more connection with our older child so she didn't feel excluded and DH had more of a role with the baby.

But if you don't want to leave hospital that early and don't have a lot of support (or peace) at home, throwing women out early is purely counterproductive.

dribbleface Tue 16-Aug-11 20:16:46

Nice to hear some positive stories. Will chat to my midwife and see how i feel.

MrsvWoolf Tue 16-Aug-11 20:22:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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