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Breech at 34 weeks

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Valiant1 Mon 15-Aug-11 17:21:32

been told i will have go back at 36 weeks.I have an anteria placenta and some body described having baby turned and i am really concerned. What if they knock the placenta off whilst moving the baby? I know they do it in the OR am i just panicking?

LearningFast Mon 15-Aug-11 17:55:56

Hi Valiant1,

I had ECV last week, and my baby was successfully turned. Both baby and myself seem absolutely fine following the procedure - in fact it felt a lot safer actually having it done, than it sounded when anyone talked about it.

I saw a consultant the week before, to check there were no contraindications (reasons why they should not do the procedure) and he also checked on the day. I would guess that your anteria placenta is something they would be aware of and taking into account when they decide your suitability for the procedure.

Do ask if there is anything you want to know about how it was done - I was very worried beforehand but it was nothing like as traumatic as I feared.

LoveBeingAtHomeOnMyOwn Mon 15-Aug-11 17:57:53

The chances are the baby will have turned by then, please don't worry but do express your concentrate if it does come to that.

del1 Mon 15-Aug-11 19:37:26

I am 37 weeks, and at 36 weeks, mine was oblique breech. i was told i had to have a scan ( today ) and would have to stay in hospital, as not a good position.
I spent 3 nights just crawling around, and on all fours wiggling my bum in the air.
Went for the scan today, and ive managed to turn it, but into breech ( bottom down).
I was allowed to go home, as they wernt too concerened with this position.
I have to go back on wednesday, and if still breech, they will do an ECV.
I'm hoping I can managed to get it to somersault by sticking my bum in the air today and tommorow grin
I have had two recent straight forward births, so this is all new to me.
And like yourself, a bit worried confused

Valiant1 Mon 15-Aug-11 20:59:26

Hi thanks for the reply's am going make a list of questions to ask as when i get in there i will go blank!
I am also trying to turn her round ice packs bum in air!! dd1 copying me lol
my ds1 got stuck and ended up with vontuse my dd was induced at 37 weeks as my waters went. and ds2 was late and kept changing position!!!!!! I am stepping away from google and have found out that one of my friends has a friend who is a m/w and is going ring me tomorrow x

I think like I say my main worry is the use of the muscle relaxer and the placenta being on the front.

Learning fast is there a chance your baby can move back? how long were you in hospital afterwards?

Del1 hope your baby moves for you xx will be thinking of you when i return to bum in air position xx

LearningFast Mon 15-Aug-11 22:02:09

Del1 - sorry to hear you are having stress with this too. I found it all very upsetting - am much more relaxed now I know baby is head down. It does sound like your baby has space to move around still which is good news.

Valiant1 - making a list of questions is a really good idea, as you can get answers to your specific worries. I did this and it really helped. Like you one of my worries was about the muscle relaxant - I was concerned about the effect on the baby and also I didn't know how many of my muscles it would relax and what other effects that would have. When I asked the consultant he explained that the drug they use for this purpose is an asthma drug, so one which many babies are exposed to in the womb when their mothers have to use an asthma inhaler, and consequently known as one of the safest drugs to use in pregnancy. I did not feel any effect from that drug at all, and it was administered with just a small needle under the surface of the skin (rather than right into a vein) which made it less horrid than it could have been.

I went into hospital at 9am, and left at around 11.45am. Of that time, the first hour were spent chatting to the midwife and making sure my notes were all up to date / changing into a theatre gown. Then she put me onto a monitor to see what the babies normal heart rate pattern was for 20 minutes, then she did the injection. During that time the consultant came in and out and answered my last minute questions – no-one seemed in a rush and it was all very relaxed.

The actual procedure took about 20 minutes. The consultant and a colleague tried to encourage the baby to turn in a backwards roll first, then when that didn’t work they checked the babies heart rate again and then tried a forwards roll which was successful. Although they were quite firm in their movements I would describe it as uncomfortable rather than painful and honestly felt like it did not harm the baby at all, as all of the pressure from their hands was on me, not the baby. My husband who was watching described it as ‘they were using the pressure from their hands to change the shape of the uterus, rather than pressing on the baby’. I had my eyes closed at the time, concentrating on relaxing my abdomen to make it as easy as possible for them :0).

Afterwards the midwife monitored the babies heart rate again for another 30 minutes or so then they gave me tea and toast and sent me home. I asked what the likelihood was of the baby turning back, and the consultant said he would be very surprised if it did. When I saw my own midwife 4 days later she confirmed that the baby is now 3/5 engaged – a huge relief!

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