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Ante-natal exercise classes South West London

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Daykers Mon 15-Aug-11 11:38:00

Does anyone know of anywhere that runs exercise classes that are not pilates or yoga?

I already know of a couple of great antenatal versions of these locally but I'm looking for something similar to Preggi Bellies (an Australian thing) and I can't seem to find anything! I'm used to doing circuit training on the common but I can't carry on with that as it's far too intensive but I still want to do some exercise.

If anyone knows of anywhere I'd be really grateful for details. I live in Balham but would be happy with anything in SW london!

beginnersluck Fri 26-Aug-11 17:05:06

There are some run by Maternally Fit - not sure if these are like Preggi Bellies but they're not pilates/yoga, more 'bouncing about on a fitball' and some toning/weights work. not as hard core as circuit training but more energetic than pilates and super fun!

Or there is the Beez Kneez - I've not tried them though.

Hope that helps!

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