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Has anyone here converted a cotbed into a bedside cot?

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SoBroken Mon 15-Aug-11 10:11:32

I posted this on the cot thread a while back but had no replies as it doesn't seem very busy.

I've read a few posts saying how people have converted cots and cotbeds into co sleepers. This idea really appeals to me as DS1 slept soooo much better co sleeping and I'm sure DS2 will too (due 1st Sept) without him actually being in the bed.

I have DS1's cotbed so I plan to move him to a single bed and use the cotbed as a cosleeper. However, I want to make sure we do this safely. I have a metal bedstead type bed which sticks out about an inch around my mattress, presumably this would leave a gap which would be dangerous? How do you go about filling that gap?

I know you can get custom-sized mattresses from so that wouldn't be a problem.

I guess what I need is a blow by blow account of what to do from someone who has done it!

Many thanks! xxx

BertieBotts Mon 15-Aug-11 10:18:36

It's pretty easy - just take the fourth side off, and then either wedge it against a wall, or bungee-cord it to your bed legs/frame. Push the cot mattress over to meet yours, and block the far side with rolled up towels or cotton blankets, or firm foam, or even pillows, as long as you can tuck them in tightly. You could get a custom size mattress, but then you'd be stuck using flat sheets, which are a bit of a pain.

You'll also need to raise the mattress height so it's roughly level with your bed. If you look at how the cot base fits in, sometimes you can just drill an extra set of holes however more far up you need them. Do this after you've bought the mattress, as you need to take the mattress height into account. Other solutions are using an old cot mattress under the new one to raise it up, or even using something like blocks of wood or books under the cot legs, as long as you're sure it can't slip off.

If you don't bungee cord it then you need to check for gaps every night. It's probably best to do this anyway. We never bungee'd ours though, and it was fine.

BertieBotts Mon 15-Aug-11 10:19:54

If you can't get an exact height match, some people prefer to have the cot part slightly lower than the bed, as it means the baby tends to stay in the cot once put in there.

cheekycurls Mon 15-Aug-11 11:11:17

ooooh i did this, my DD just would not sleep in her cot on her own so we ended up taking one side off (it was a cot bed) we pushed our bed up to the cot that was against the wall (I also had a metal frame at the time) put the mattress up to the same hight as our bed and me and DP had enough room to sleep and i could still cuddle DD/ hold her hand! as for the gap i would suggest a body pillow (my best friend during my pregnancy obviously don't use it now blush
only thing is I would either end up in the cot with DD or I would just (while asleep) scoop her up and she'll end up in our bed!!
if I ever had another DC i would do this again as ur still close,great for night feeds and u and DP/DH still have ur own space

only safety advise i can give is body pillow between the gap and have cot up against the wall with bed pushed up to it or u could even cable tie the legs of cot to ur bed frame so no movement will happen and what Bertie said if u can't get mattresses to match up cot should always be lower smile

oh I miss snuggling up to DD grin

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