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Zay04 Sun 14-Aug-11 22:02:12


Anyone have any tips for dealing with heartburn, is stuff live gaviscon any good, and can you take it during pregnancy.

Thanks in advance

notnowbernard Sun 14-Aug-11 22:04:17

I used to swig Gaviscon from the bottle at the end

And sleep propped up in sitting position with loads of pillows to help with the reflux

Jemma1111 Sun 14-Aug-11 22:06:08

I also used to swig the Gaviscon like it was pop!

I found drinking lots of milk used to ease it a little too and avoid spicy foods

Zay04 Sun 14-Aug-11 22:08:58

did the gaviscon work?

Jemma1111 Sun 14-Aug-11 22:09:24

It did for me!

KateBC Sun 14-Aug-11 22:12:10

Mmm gaviscon, got quite fond of it in the end!

You'll get to know what makes it worse too, so you know to avoid it, and avoid eating too much late at night.

I give you this advice having just eaten a block of cheddar straight before bed, despite knowing it gives me horrendous heart burn. Couldn't help myself blush

MrsCrazyLegs Sun 14-Aug-11 22:12:35

You'll be able to get Gaviscon on prescription from your GP/MW - or even, in my case, just from the clinic reception! Rennies are also safe. I also found milky things helpful - I ate loads of mini-milks grin

ghosteditor Sun 14-Aug-11 22:15:27

I'm 18 weeks right now and suffering heart burn. If you go to the GP they can prescribe big bottles which you'll get free with the maternity exemption card (passing on wisdom shared with me a few weeks ago grin). Apparently Gaviscon isn't advised by GP's during pg due to high sodium content so I have a different brand. Having said that, the Gaviscon bottle says it's fine to take during pg. Hope you feel better soon!

Zay04 Sun 14-Aug-11 22:20:43

thanks, have yet to see my midwife, and don't think I can take any more of it. Will get some 2moz. I've kinda found, can't eat spicy foods which being asain (sp?) does not help!! But does anyone else find when they are sick it makes it worse, or is just me.

essexmumma Sun 14-Aug-11 22:35:13

I am pregnant with DC 2 and dreading the return of heartburn. I suffered really badly with it where I would be in so much pain- I was in the end prescribed ranatadine by the midwives. I was bit unsure at first as had not taken any other meds in pregnancy with DC1 however I was desperate for relief- it really did help me. I learnt that spicy food, greasy food, fish and meat too often triggered it. Not good when I had a massive craving for ikea meatballs which led to the worst heartburn evergrin I still can't stomach the thought of have my sympathy.

somewherewest Mon 15-Aug-11 09:09:39

Culled from "What to expect when you're expecting" and very helpful for me...

Drinking and eating at the same time can aggravate indigestion
Wear loose clothing. Avoid anything tight that presses in on the stomach.
Eat slowly
Eat less and often rather than overloading your stomach.
Sitting up relieves heartburn. Lying down after eating really aggravates it. When I get heartburn during the night I find sitting up for a bit helps.

firsttimer84 Mon 15-Aug-11 11:22:28

I said this on another thread but found that the liquid gaviscon (rather than the tabs) is so much better. You can feel it start to work.

candr Mon 15-Aug-11 16:25:47

I HATE Gaviscon and found the tablets did nothing. I take Rennie fruit ones and it stops almost straight away but may come back later. You can have up to 18 tablets a day and I have never needed more than 4 or 5. I also drink lots of milk which helps but heartburn is a pain in the butt. Try to not eat normal size meal as I find I get half way through and am sick so complete waste of food, do better with smaller snack like meals.

CBear6 Mon 15-Aug-11 19:01:41

I had awful, almost constant heartburn with DS and have had it badly this time too.

- Gaviscon, the super-strength pharmacy/prescription giant bottle. It works (up to a point). I found the peppermint one better than the aniseed one. The aniseed one made me worse because the taste made me gag.

- sleep on your left side. Your stomach is on the left side of your body and your oesophagus runs roughly down the centre, the feeling of heartburn is caused by acid escaping the stomach and seeping into the oesophagus. If you sleep on your left it puts your stomach lower than your oesophagus and gravity helps lessen the burn (the baby pressing will still push some up but not as much). Sleeping on your right does the opposite.

- use pillows to prop yourself up in bed or, if your OH doesn't mind (aka, don't give him a choice), use blocks to prop up the head of the bed. It doesn't have to be a massive height, just an inch or two will make a difference.

- learn what your "trigger" foods are. I find that chocolate, anything greasy, and citrus are guaranteed to trigger my heartburn so I avoid them where I can although I do have to give in to cravings sometimes!

- avoid eating after 8-9pm (depending on what time you go to bed).

- eat little and often rather than big, belly-busting meals.

If it gets worse then see your GP for some Ritidine, it magical stuff that zaps heartburn.

Flisspaps Mon 15-Aug-11 19:02:59

ASDA own brand heartburn tablets (fruit flavoured) - they're amazing. I had them with DD, heartburn was so bad that I was doubled up on the floor one night, these things got rid of it completely.

They also have none of the retch inducing chalkiness of Gaviscon.

LifeOfKate Mon 15-Aug-11 19:53:38

I hate Gaviscon, it is reminiscent of aniseed flavoured semen to me and I felt more ill taking it than just living with the heartburn grin

Some friends of mine recommended almonds, just sweet whole ones from the supermarket, and they do work! Just eat 5 or 6, it takes about 10-20 mins to work.

thegingerone Mon 15-Aug-11 20:53:35

I LOVE Gaviscon (Aniseed one for me) I'm another bottle swigger by the end of pg. This is preg #3. I hated the tablets. I also use the Boots version of liquid.

Propping yourself up on an extra pillow can help, but be careful if you start to get neck pains or back ache as a result.

Eating lots of snacks

Don't delay your meals. Mine starts up if I get peckish.

Don't eat too late.

Avoid coffee (I know we're supposed to anyway, but I don't!) and onther trigger factors.

Avoid bending down from the waist. Mine is awful at work when I 'm in and out of drawers and cupboards getting equipment and paperwork.

Watch your posture. Slouching makes it worse. (My mum was right to nag me!!)

Keep telling yourself,, IT WILL PASS and it's def worth it.

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