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gone spotty!!!

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pregnantmimi Sun 14-Aug-11 21:21:55

21 weeks pregnant and have started getting two patches on my face of red acne looking rashy spots.
Its exactly where you would normally put blusher so had a lot of ohhh you look hot are you ok.
I tryed face masks and it hasnt helped any one else had this problem? any advice

LadyWithNoManors Sun 14-Aug-11 21:25:17

Hormones I would say. You may just have to ride it out and not use anything too rich on your face. What about tea tree or witch hazel something like that?

lucamom Sun 14-Aug-11 21:46:45

I have the same, and have done since the beginning of this PG. The spots are defined and red, but without the 'white head' I remember from teenage years. My skin is really dry with it too.

This is my 3rd PG and I didn't have it with the previous 2 (both boys, this one a girl), and at 30 weeks tomorrow it looks to be clearing up.

I've been using prolix gel from qvc for the past month which seems to have helped.

lucamom Sun 14-Aug-11 21:47:31

Sorry, propolis gel!

Crosshair Sun 14-Aug-11 21:54:29

At 20 weeks Ive started getting a spotty chestblush, Lots of small red bumps.

Renaissance227 Mon 15-Aug-11 11:39:54

I had these kinds of spots for the first 19 weeks and then they have gradually lessened. At 30 weeks I now get them every now and again but they do not last for long.
What helped with mine was Boots Skin Clear face wash. smile

edwinbear Mon 15-Aug-11 20:02:43

My skin was awful when I was expecting DS and is proving the same this time round. Sadly I haven't found anything that has helped much, but it did clear up quickly after the birth if that's any consolation.

NorthernChinchilla Mon 15-Aug-11 20:26:08

Yup, no-one tells you that you're going to revert to being a teenager in soooo many ways when pregnant (sleeping, shouting, crying, etc.)
And then the spots.
Face, chest and shoulders.

Thankfully lessened in second trimester, but would always recommend Savlon cream for anything. Few days of applying this and mine calmed down at least.
Sometimes it's just a case of trying not to irritate it as well, so using totally unperfurmed/coloured, etc face wash.

pregnantmimi Tue 16-Aug-11 00:49:26

cross hair i got the spotty chest even saw a white head on there today mmm that with the blue veiny saggy boobs, saggy belly, spotty face greasy orange blondy hair it wont go blonde anymore i dont know why Im not feeling fantastic oh well at least the lovely feeling of being pregnant the excitement of meeting my baby boy makes it all worth it.xx

pregnantmimi Tue 16-Aug-11 00:53:06

nothernchincilla your so right about the not faffing with stuff too much on face i was in tunisa last week and wore no make up and washed face with water and it is def a bit better so i might keep that up but yes the reverting back to teenager so true I have been so hormonal greasy moody and spotty so yes like being a teenager lol!!!!!! I will try the savlon I ben so scared to try anything on my face so wanted see if anyone had anything that workedxx

pregnantmimi Tue 16-Aug-11 00:55:38

ladywithnomanors i started putting tea tree in bath when i was getting thrush in first trimester not had it before thinking that must connected to pregnancy and it helped with that so might give it a go on face

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