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Baby Hammocks

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HillyMcGrew Sun 14-Aug-11 20:38:06

I posted this in antenatal clubs a few minutes ago, but in case anyone in pregnancy has an opinion and can help it'd be much appreciated:

We're pulling together the nursery equipment (edd 28/11/11) and have found out about something called an Amby Natures Nest baby hammock. I spoke to the guy who runs our local baby emporium and he said they no longer stock it due to a product recall in the USA and Canada about 18 months ago. He also said that there was nothing wrong with the product itself, but it was the way it had been assembled and used that led to the tragic deaths of two babies and product recall.

What I was wondering is: have any of you used the Amby either before or since this Stateside recall, and would you recommend it?

TBH it seems as safe as the next bit of kit to me, but I am an impressionable and fearful first timer who is still finding my way a little.

outthere Sun 14-Aug-11 20:48:33

Hi, I used an Amby hammock for my twins and loved it. I was going to use it for this LO too but you've got me a bit worried now. Have you looked on google at all? I can't help thinking that there would have been a recall here if the danger was that apparent...

I'm off to do some research and I'll get back to you...

Tillyscoutsmum Sun 14-Aug-11 20:52:32

I used it for both of mine - one pre recall and one post. I looked into the details of the recall at the time and I can't remember the details (I think they'd put it up incorrectly iirc) but it didn't put me off using it for my DS. Its not been recalled anywhere else and Australia & NZ still use it in some neo natal wards.

outthere Sun 14-Aug-11 20:58:27

Hmmmm, not sure if I'm allowed to link to another baby forum but there's a lot of useful info here:

I'll definitely be looking into it in more detal before I use it for our new DS but for now I'm quite satisfied that it's safe to use.


outthere Sun 14-Aug-11 21:03:40

To summarise there were two tragic cases.
In one case there were several additional medical factors (including heart problems) and the baby was placed on its side.

In the second case the hammock had been bought off ebay and not used with the stand. Its head had been placed at the foot end of the hammock. The baby was also sharing a room with a tumble dryer and washing machine (although not sure of the relevance of this).

WeLoveHaribo Mon 15-Aug-11 09:49:21

I borrowed one off a friend, pre recall and it was great. If they were willing to lend it me again i would def take them up on it.

madeindevon2 Mon 15-Aug-11 21:09:26

I had one for my ds who is now 4 and it was great! He slept so well in it! I since sold it but will be buying another for dc2 due in February!

welliesandpyjamas Mon 15-Aug-11 21:16:33

Agree with others, that those two sad cases had many other factors involved iirc. Correct usage hasn't resulted in oroblems anywhere afaik.

Used one instead of a cot with ds2 (and WISH I'd known a out them with ds1, a terrible settler), and it was fab. The gentle swaying looked lovely and he seemed to self-settle if he had just woken up through stirring and not hunger/nappy/etc. Also easier to move around the house than a cot grin

HillyMcGrew Mon 15-Aug-11 21:57:26

Thanks for all the help and advice, I think we are going to go for one as soon as we can find a stockist...

outthere I didn't mean to worry you, sorry! You've used it before and been fine and as several others have said it appears to have been problems with the way the baby was put in it and other health factors which caused those two tragic deaths.

Sariska Mon 15-Aug-11 22:05:56

Just to agree with some of the previous posters. I, too, used it both before and after the recall. When pregnant for the second time, I was a bit concerned to hear about the North American deaths but, after looking into it, was reassured that, sadly, they were due to incorrect assembly/use.

I think they're great and would use mine again if I had another baby which I won't.

IIRC I got mine direct from Amby but I think Amazon stock them sometimes too.

welliesandpyjamas Tue 16-Aug-11 08:03:10

There are usually quite a few on ebay btw. Since it is made of fabric throughout it is easy to wash them. Might be a much cheaper way of getting hold of one, especially as I reckon the resale value has dropped a little since the problems last year.

outthere Tue 16-Aug-11 11:38:10

I think Kiddicare do them and they are usually very competitive on prices.

I've just bought a sleep positioner to go with mine which has made me feel happier about using it as it prevents baby from turning onto its side smile

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